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4 things you know about WiFi Light Bulbs

Smart Light bulbs are among the numerous smart products. One of the most well-known products first appeared in 2012 Philips released “HUE”, which can be controlled remotely through the smartphone APP, which became one of the most popular technology products. With the progress of technology, many traditional manufacturers have also joined the smart lighting market.

In this article, we will start with the most familiar WiFi Light bulbs, talk about its working principle, product features, and the things that can be achieved in our daily lives.

How do WiFi Light bulbs work?

WiFi Light bulbs work using embedded IoT core technology, the WIFI module embedded in the LED bulb, the interactive service software mechanism into the home, relying on the cloud service platform support. WiFi Light bulbs connected to WiFi, through the relevant APP, the smart Light bulbs to achieve voice control, smart lights APP control, group management, timing switch, scenario mode.

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Functions of WiFi light bulbs

Although different manufacturers launch their products, but most of the smart WiFi light bulbs on the market have similar functions, such as smart light APP control, adjustable brightness/color, voice control, etc.

Smart Lights APP control

APP control is almost the most basic function of smart products. Smart LED Bulbs connected to APP works based on wireless technology. Through the smart lights APP to transmit instructions to the WiFi smart Bulbs chip. According to the information instructions, the chip adjust the state of the WiFi smart bulbs, such as on / off time, set the light color in different scenes, remote control, etc.

WiFli Light bulbs

With sensors

To meet the different needs of consumers, some WiFi smart bulbs also with sensors, including photosensitive sensors, infrared sensors, microwave sensors, etc..

The photosensitive sensor can automatically adjust the WiFi smart bulbs according to the weather, day, night, and other environments.

Infrared sensors sense the surrounding environment by infrared-emitting light; when people are in the detection range, the light bulb will automatically turn on / off.

A microwave sensor is a non-contact way to detect whether there are objects in the environment to go, and according to the environmental factors to achieve the lighting needs and start / off the light.

Adjustable brightness/color

On the smart light APP, you can set the brightness of the wireless light bulb, light color. Most of the light bulbs on the market support 16 million kinds of light colors, which can meet our daily needs.

Voice control

Voice control function has been commonly found in most electronic products. This is also applied in the wireless light bulb. This feature is mainly to facilitate the user to speak will be able to turn on or off the lights at home easily. For example, if you are lying in bed in winter and do not want to get up to turn off the lights, just say to Alexa or Google Home “turn on the light” , then the wireless light bulbs in your home will be turned off.

How setup smart WiFi LED bulbs

WiFi Smart Bulbs installation and ordinary LED bulbs, the old bulb clockwise unscrewed, the new one was replaced. Please pay attention to the safety of electricity.

WIFI bulb APP is compatible with Android and IOS systems. After installing the APP, follow the instructions to connect to the WiFi Smart Bulbs, so you can remotely control it.

How to fix WiFi LED bulbs

In the use process, the smart LED Bulbs does not work, and you need to troubleshoot each fault situation.

1. Check whether the smart LED Bulbs are within WIFI range

Place your phone next to the smart LED Bulbs and check if you can connect to Wi-Fi

2. Check if the phone is connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Most of the smart products in the market nowadays use 2.4GHz signal. If you are using 5GHz, you can’t control the smart LED Bulb.

3. Check whether the APP is connected to the LED bulb

After checking the above steps, the wireless Light bulbs is still not working properly, you should reset the factory settings

4. To reset the factory settings, press the switch three times in a row; when the light flashes for a few seconds, it means the factory settings have been restored, and you can reconnect the APP.

WIFI light bulbs allow more families to get convenience and fun at the same time and give new life to the traditional home lighting model. Enjoy the convenience of technology, WIFI light bulbs you deserve to have.

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