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2021 Smart Lighting

If you are starting to know the field of home automation and want to try something new, you should start with Intelligent Lighting or Smart Lighting.
The easiest way is to buy accessories or specialized Smart Home devices for certain tasks.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what smart lighting is and what it can do for your life and your home. From Compratuled we explain everything below, detailing the different types of Smart Lighting available, how they work, and the many products that can be purchased today.

What is Intelligent Lighting or Smart Lighting?

The Smart Lighting, and the like other home automation functions, provides a way to manage more efficient lighting in your home. The main objective is to promote efficient use of resources, which reduces both private spending (bills, spare parts …), and the resources themselves (materials, electricity …).

Intelligent lighting incorporates many technologies that both lights indoor and outdoor functions automatically under certain conditions. For example, a typical case is to turn on smart bulbs automatically when someone enters a room or to have them change color when something happens.

Smart bulbs?

In summary, smart bulbs are nothing more than LED bulbs with WiFi connectivity, but unlike your home router, they have other connection protocols

RGB Smart Bulb

 What can you do with smart bulbs?

Smart lighting goes beyond turning light bulbs on or off remotely, as they have a huge amount of functionality :
1. The best known: imagine that you go for the weekend and leave a light bulb on. From the mobile, you could turn it off.

2. Voice control. Some bulbs are compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so you could control the bulbs with your voice.

3. Schedule on and off.

4. Regulate the intensity and tone of the light. Depending on the time of day, you can change the environment to your liking.

5. Set up different environments in each place of the house. For example, more put a warmer environment in rooms and colder in the bathroom.

6. Illuminate automatically. If the bulb has a motion sensor, it can be turned on automatically in key places that are far from the switch, such as closets, etc.

7. Synchronize the music with the light to generate atmospheres and effects according to the music

Anyone can install smart lighting in their homes, and it is quite affordable. Once the initial investment is made, the cost is minimal: smart bulbs are LED, so they last longer and consume less energy

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