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4 Awesome LED strip lights ideas in the bedroom

LED Strip lights are very versatile decorative lights, such as in outdoor buildings, store displays, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. At the same time, indoor decoration is also very suitable for the use of LED Strip lights. The softness and ease of installation make the LED Strip lights a popular choice among users.

LED controller connected to the strip LED light is controlled by a smartphone, Alexa, or Google Home, smart LED strip lights are more popular among young people. Upgraded version of the strip lights connected to the mini WiFi LED controller, there are 16 million colors for options, pick different scenarios to create a different atmosphere.

Imagine, in the cold winter, in the warmth of the blanket, no need to get out of bed directly with the phone or Alexa, Google Home controller to control the light band. This “magic” is indeed fascinating. Here is the introduction of the light strip installation in the bedroom.

The color temperature of the best LED strip lights installed in the bedroom

A bedroom is a place for people to rest and sleep. Indoor to create a quiet, soft lighting effect, does not need a lot of lighting, also does not need powerful light, indirect lighting, and diffuse mainly.

The overall lighting of the bedroom should have a warm and relaxing sense of atmosphere to achieve a sense of relaxation in people’s bodies and minds. The color temperature of the light is best to choose a warm color light. Warm white is 3000K, and natural light is 4000K. Of course, each person’s sensory preferences are different, can choose their own. But it must not exceed 4000K, and there is not conducive to sleeping with too and too bright.

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Suitable for the bedroom installation of RGB LED strip lights with the place

The LED strip lights set up the bedroom bedside

If the bedside lamp is installed directly on the top of the light source can not avoid direct light on the eyes, which is extremely detrimental to sleep. Hidden behind the cabinets, and corner gaps in the light band, the light will be much softer, easier to create a warm and comfortable bedroom lighting atmosphere.

For example, the back wall above the bed can be installed with bedroom LED strip lights, for adjusting the bedroom’s atmosphere has a very good effect. Installed in the bedside lights can be used as a night light or reading light, soft light can provide the lighting needed to read, and do not worry about the light when you get up affects sleep, so the frequency of use of lights in the bed is very high.

bedroom led strip ligths

The LED strip lights set up Closet

The closet installation is based on the concept of local lighting design, by playing down the light, the light source will be focused in the closet, only illuminating the closet and not spreading to other places. This allows you to select clothes without worrying about disturbing others. Fitted with induction bedroom LED strip lights, open the bright door, and close the door that is extinguished, practical, and not a waste of electricity.

Closet installation of bedroom LED strip lights, not just lighting, but also the creation of atmosphere. Different shades of light can create a different atmosphere. Warm light emits a gentle glow, very suitable for the wardrobe room, vintage and elegant, warm and comfortable atmosphere is immediately baked out.

Closet led strip lights

The LED strip lights set up on the ceiling of the bedroom

The entire ceiling is illuminated with ceiling-led strip lights as ambient lighting, playing a brightening effect. The RGB LED strip lights installation can reduce the dark areas of the top and eliminate the dark corners around the space to give a bright and soft lighting environment. The entire bedroom is illuminated, and the lights work together to create a rich sense of hierarchy and a warm atmosphere.

ceiling led strip lights

The LED strip lights set up Under the bed

Under-bed installation is a very humane design. Compared to the night of the installation of lights under the bed, the light source is far from the distance of people’s eyes and still in the ground light, making the entire lighting environment softer. People can completely ignore the problem of light at night.

strip lights at the bottom of the bed

The smart LED strip lights set up under the bed has the advantage of “seeing the light without lights” which uses the principle of indirect lighting, the light source through the walls, mirrors, and other reflections after the lighting effect. Under-bed lighting is a form of indirect lighting on the ground, belongs to a kind of ambient lighting, is easy to set the bedroom atmosphere, especially suitable as a light at night.

warm white strip lights

The RGB LED strip lights set up under the bed was play a role in creating the atmosphere. The contrast between the light and dark environment at the bottom of the bed, giving people a kind of visual illusion of the bed’s suspension, instantly enhances the whole bedroom style.

LED strip lights under the bed

The wireless LED strip lights were installed at the bottom of the bed, which can reduce the light directly into the eyes, under the bed light is conducive to facilitate the family (especially the elderly) to get up at night, get out of bed automatically induction lights, and will not wake up the people around. In addition, it is also conducive for the mother to take care of the baby, and will not wake up the baby because of the light on.

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Installing flexible LED strip lights in the corners

The flexible LED strip lights at the foot of the floor can play a guiding visual effect, and the soft light brings a sense of haze, making people feel very warm, and giving people a sense of security.

Installing flexible LED strip lights in the corners

Users can install flexible LED strip lights in the bedroom according to their personal needs to add a different atmosphere; the tone is mainly warm, which helps to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere before bed.

Connect the LED controller to adjust the brightness and color of the lights with the smartphone, creating a dark and quiet environment, which can let people get rid of the tension, and thus slowly enter a sleep state.

Turn the smart LED strip lights to the warm beige or reassuring light orange light, and both have a hypnotic effect, more help to fall asleep quickly. Pale yellow lighting can make a bedroom feel warm and inviting, adding to the comfort of the space.

No matter what color you want, the smart RGB LED strip lights with 16 million color choices can meet your needs!

color changing led stirp lights

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