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5 minutes to let you know the lighting design, make your home warm as spring

We know the home lighting design is very important. How to set up to make the home warmer? It has a lot to do with the lighting tools you choose. If you want to change the lights at different times and atmospheres, you need to work with smart lights bulbs or smart light strips to design better the lights you need.

Home lighting is divided into several categories.

Ambient light.

The function of ambient light is to illuminate the entire environment. Good ambient light is like a foundation to make the skin tone softer, more delicate, and even. For example, a chandelier illuminates the living room, and the living room is illuminated with a dispersive light source, and the effect is completely different.

Commonly used lights in the living room are chandeliers, downlights, ceiling lights, etc.

When choosing a chandelier, in addition to a single-headed, two-headed, or multi-headed chandelier, the whole living room chooses the appropriate lamps and lanterns to present a bright atmosphere.

smart light bulb living room

Contour light

Contour light is used to deepen the outline of space and increase the sense of space to look higher, and bigger. Contour light is like eyeliner in makeup, making the eyes look bigger and more attractive. To highlight the contour light, it is common to have light strips, light troughs, etc. Using a light strip with a smart LED strip controller, you can adjust the brightness and color of the light strip at any time through your smartphone so that the contour light is no longer single. For the home of the light band is not the same change of goods.

light strip for home

Focus light

Focus light, for certain areas and spaces that need to highlight the focus of the light cast, the use of these areas of light brightness greater than other areas, to create a sense of space, such as workspace, etc., commonly used lamps have spotlights, track lights, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, light strips, etc.

Lighting suggestions for each space

Living room

The living room area is mainly for entertaining guests, audio-visual places. This area only needs to evenly illuminate the entire area can be, without too strong, as the main lighting source, traditionally the living room or a warm white color temperature more ambient.

When there is a party or want to change the atmosphere, the light can not have other options? For traditional light bulbs, this is the pain point. With the development of smart technology, WIFI LED bulbs or Bluetooth LED bulbs can be a good solution to this pain point of traditional light bulbs.

smart light bulb for living room

Based on the traditional light bulb embedded in the intelligent module, intelligent speakers can choose different light colors to create a different living room atmosphere to meet the needs of different consumers through the smartphone.

Bluetooth light bulb

TV backdrop

The TV back wall can hide a LED strip light to reduce the difference between the TV screen and the back of the light to relieve visual fatigue.

A corner of the sofa

Next to the sofa can be set according to personal preferences floor lamp. The floor lamp itself is a very good space decoration furnishings, placed in the corner, very elegant and beautiful. When watching TV or reading, the floor lamp can be partially illuminated to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Enhance the light source

Focus on the objects you want to highlight, such as a spotlight on a holding painting, a series of memorable trophies, etc.. Let your living room form a visual focal point.

Dining room

The dining room is for gathering. The best choice of the light source is to illuminate the dining area of the chandelier.

Focus light set in the middle of the dining table, choose a sense of shape chandelier, to meet the lighting at the same time, increase the personality of the space and decorative sense.

The choice of color temperature can choose warm light, which is conducive to creating a sense of food color and flavor. The atmosphere of the gathering will also be warmer.

kitchen smart led bulb


The kitchen is the place to cook, is the brightest place in the whole home light. To highlight the functionality of the kitchen, you need to set a brighter, more even ambient light

Everyone in the cooking will be low and back to the light, easy shadows, and cabinets installed in the wall, also blocking part of the light. Therefore, you need to install a light strip under the cabinet to increase the focus and supplement the lighting.

The kitchen has more storage areas. The best choice for supplemental lighting is to install a light strip under the cabinets, which takes up little space and is smart and convenient through cell phone or voice switch.

strip lights for kitchen


The bedroom is a space for rest and personal privacy. Generally, you can use a ceiling lamp as the main light source. The choice of light is warm light, conducive to emotional relaxation before bed. You can choose a dimmable light bulb, white light, warm light, night light mode easily switch.

Set up bedside lamps in the bedroom to provide lighting and meet the needs of the light you lie down to read a book. This light is both bright and does not glare; adjustable light source lights better.

Bedroom dressing table, set up a light strip on both sides of the mirror to avoid the shadow of the face formed by the light from above when applying makeup.

Wardrobe in the bedroom, you can also set the light with induction function, open the closet when the light is on, easy to find clothes; close the closet, the light is good to go out.

smart light for bedroom


The bathroom is the place to wash, need brighter, soft, open ambient light.

There should be light strips on both sides of the mirror to avoid using overhead lights to cause shadows on the face.

best ligth for bathroom

Study room

In addition to the arrangement of desk lamps, the study room should be set up in general lighting, reduce the contrast of indoor brightness to avoid fatigue. Study lighting mainly to meet the reading, writing, and consider the functionality of the light, simple and generous style can be. The light should be soft and bright, avoid glare so that people are comfortable studying and working.

LED bulb for study room

The choice of lighting and color temperature directly affects the overall feeling of the home environment. Mastering the selection of indoor space lighting points and lighting with the skills, not only for the beauty of the home environment, easy to create quality style, but also an important reflection of personalized life.

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