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A New Era of Smart life 2021

There are people in this world who bring fire in the dark, so even in the dark, we have light, but fire is dangerous after all.

So Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, and Edison invented the lamp.

The lamp is a major invention of humanity to conquer the darkness of the night, Edison through long and repeated experiments, finally, on October 21, 1879, lit the world’s first electric light. Edison’s contribution greatly changed human life, human from the beginning of the inevitable needs to the late to ensure the life of the same time and put forward safety and security.

Development of Lamps

The lamp also kept evolving and updating. The earliest lamp began to use is incandescent. The incandescent lamp became the first generation of electric light source. Its luminous efficiency can reach about 13%, has good color rendering, continuous spectrum, and is easy to use. But because the incandescent lamp energy conversion efficiency is relatively low, so gradually eliminated by the market.

With the development of society, fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps) began to appear in the 1930s. In 1974, the emergence of red, green, and blue phosphor, which was used as the raw material for fluorescent lamps, greatly saved energy. Fluorescent lamps have a longer service life, higher luminous efficiency. They can also be adjusted to different light colors, but the fluorescent lamp is very power-consuming, and most of the electricity is consumed in heat.

Then high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps were introduced, and they are called the third generation of lighting sources. High-pressure sodium lamps are characterized by high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, fog-transparent solid ability, and easy rust. High-pressure sodium lamps are widely used in various places of general lighting. The advantages of metal halide lamps are particularly high luminous efficiency. Luminous efficacy up to 80~120Lm/W, high color rendering index, good color reproduction, Ra up to 90, so they are used in indoor lighting of stadiums, large shopping malls, industrial plants, street squares, docks and other places.

The last is now widely used semiconductor lighting – LED lighting. The emergence of LED lights broke the traditional light source construction ideas, following the electric light bulb restarted a huge light revolution. LED lighting, mainly white LED single as the main, LED integrated and SMD as a supplement, mass production of LED hanging lights, LED platform lights and another industrial lighting with lights The LED lighting industry has broken the limitations of the traditional lighting industry. Because of energy-saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life, sturdy and durable characteristics, so in the home, industrial lighting is widely used.

A New Era of Smart life

Intelligent in the 21st century, with the development of science and technology, the change of lamps and lanterns continues, in which the smart lights bring revolutionary changes.

Light is the first product of technology to light up life; there is a vital position in the family, intelligent ecology within the family, can control the lights, and can be linked with more technology products, such as smartphones, smart speakers, etc.

The Best Smart Light Bulbs is not a traditional lamp but a kind of smart device. In addition to the smart lights body, there is a handheld smart control device, a smart lights control device with computing power and network connectivity, through the application, the function can be continuously expanded. smart lights with samrtphone APP for control, networkable, support custom lighting and other ancillary functions of the lighting equipment.

Smart lights, the first thing to meet the lighting and energy-saving needs while having different lighting effects. And as smart lights, for the smart part of the embodiment is to support networking capabilities, support remote control, support linkage with other smart devices, support music playback and alarm clock reminders, with self-learning capabilities and human interaction (voice recognition) of smart lighting devices, is an essential part of the smart home.

Smart lights on the market are broadly divided into WIFI smart light bulb and Bluetooth smart light bulb. Both of them work by using embedded IoT core technology. The bulb embedding interoperable core modules into energy-saving light bulbs, and relying on cloud service platform support. Using wireless technology to connect and bind smart wifi led bulb to smartphone APP. and pass commands to the control chip through APP or physical button operation, and then by the control chip according to the corresponding instructions to the control chip will execute the operation according to the corresponding instruction.

High Quality LED Bulb

When technology lights up life becomes a reality, the electric light becomes a pioneer, and the role played by humans becomes a trigger switch. Humans will not be willing to play the role of a trigger, so smart voice control technology brings a whole new function for electric lights.

For electric lights, it is no longer a single button. Human sensing or light-sensing control, but the voice control and light-sensing applications are organically combined to give new functions to the Smart light bulb. They are more suitable for people’s increasingly accelerated pace of life and ensure that people’s quality of life.

“Alexa, Turn on the light.”

The Wi-Fi smart bulb in your home turns on in response.

Voice control smart light bulb uses voice recognition technology, artificial intelligence technology and other cross-fertilization of technology, through the voice into data using data to control the hardware to achieve the corresponding purpose.

Today’s speech recognition technology development is rapidly changing, especially the small and medium vocabulary non-specific person speech recognition system, its recognition accuracy has been greater than 98%, far more than the ordinary wireless transmission method, and for specific person speech recognition system has achieved 100% accuracy rate. Such speech recognition technology has met the requirements of daily applications.

The role of Smart lights

. Voice recognition switch lights and adjust the brightness

At night, when you are ready to go to sleep, you no longer need to turn off the bedroom lights first and then get into the bed. You say “turn on the light” to it, and smart Wi-Fi LED light bulbs will follow your intention to light up. Similarly, say “turn off the light”; LED smart bulb will also follow your instructions to turn off the lights. You can also “order” it to adjust the light: “brighter” “darker”; it will be following your “order “Execute.

. Smart lights effects to create the atmosphere

Different light and dark light create a specific atmosphere, cold light quiet and distant, warm light gentle and comfortable. Free to adjust different brightness according to different life scenarios. No matter what you do, there is a comfortable light.

Daily home, you can turn on the natural white light, soft light.

When home theater, you can reduce the brightness, voice adjustment to soft dark light.

When working and reading, the voice enhances the brightness and adjusts to soft warm white.

When sleeping and relaxing, reduce the brightness and adjust to warm yellow light. When gathering and dining, adjust to natural white light.

Private mood, voice control to adjust the pink light.

In addition, the smart light bulb has 16 million colors to choose from, making it the “star” of the party!

. Smart lights “alarm clock” function

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg once invented an “alarm clock” with no hands, no screen, and can’t tell you what time it is. And it is because of this special alarm clock, his wife Priscilla Chan solve the sleep problem. The “sleep alarm clock” without a screen only lights up very faintly between 6 and 7 a.m., when it’s time to get up and take care of the kids. The rest of the time, there is no reminder.

The smart light bulb has this “alarm clock” function. The phone’s APP sets the time and brightness of the light; this will not be noisy “alarm clock” can wake you up regularly through the soft light to meet a good day.

The application of intelligent lights for human beings provides a green, low-carbon energy-saving, fashionable new way of life.

Technology lights up the reality of life and lights up the future of human aspirations and expectations. One smart Lighting Co., Ltd would like always to combine its products with the latest technology to provide a better quality of smart life, as enterprise development’s core never stops.

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