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Bluetooth LED Controller Solution Development

A Bluetooth LED controller solution is a simple but valuable way of controlling and measuring lighting in various spaces.

With the development of the Internet of Things over the years, different applications in the IoT application scenarios continue to emerge. The rapid growth of low-power wireless technology, as the emergence of intelligent products like smart lighting, smart strip light, smart switches, etc., is accelerating the change of the smart home industry. But in smart product design and development. For smart lighting solutions, Do choose low-power Bluetooth or Bluetooth Mesh?

I have tried to compare the Bluetooth and Mesh version of the wireless communication protocol. Bluetooth Mesh is based on the ZigBee protocol; the mesh architecture can realize multiple layers of information transmission between devices, such as voice, control information, and data information, which allows us to achieve more effective communication and coordination.

Low Power Bluetooth (BLE) and Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth protocol is divided into classic and low-power Bluetooth (BLE); classic Bluetooth is mainly used for audio streaming media transmission, such as wireless Bluetooth headsets, microphones, etc. Low-power Bluetooth is mainly used for remote control, bracelets, lights, home appliances, and other devices that need to be directly connected to smart machines to receive power.

BLE Bluetooth module

The operating frequency of BLE is 2.4GHz, and the Bluetooth specification defines 40 RF channels with a channel interval of 2MHz, of which three channels are broadcast media for discovering devices, establishing connections and broadcasting, etc. But in the BLE5.0 specification, the remaining 37 channels can be used for both data transmission and broadcast channels. In addition, the transmit power of BLE5.0 has been increased to 100mW (20dBm).

BLE5.0 has many new features, including:

– Automatic configuration

– Improved low-energy transmission and receiving performance

– Data compression, allowing for more efficient transfer rates

– Improved channel usage efficiency

– Simplified MAC (Media Access Control)

– New link types for connecting to peripheral devices and accessories, such as buttons and sliders

– Support for multiple peripherals sharing the same connection

-Support for Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and actuators

BLE 5.0 offers several advantages over BLE 4.2. The first advantage is the increase in data transfer speed. BLE 5.0 transfers data at rates up to 24 Mbps. The second advantage is that the BLE 5.0 specification allows further use of the 40 available channels. This means that it can also be used for broadcast purposes. This can be helpful because a user can easily control the 40 available channels.

Mesh is a next-generation network topology option for Bluetooth Low Power. It was released in the summer of 2017. It represents an important advancement in Bluetooth technology, positioning Bluetooth as the dominant low-power wireless communication technology for major new areas and use cases. Including intelligent buildings and industrial IoT. The Bluetooth Mesh protocol is a network flooding management-based protocol with a simple and easy-to-implement flooding model.

Bluetooth Mesh network deals with a single point of failure based on relay function, which mainly includes relay function, low-power function, friendly neighbor function, and proxy function. The most significant advantage of a Bluetooth Mesh network is that it supports cell phone connection; unaware that today’s cell phones do not support Bluetooth Mesh. Thus Bluetooth Mesh network needs at least one agent node to achieve communication with cell phones.

Bluetooth light control solution

Low-power Bluetooth color control light solution is mainly based on BLE Bluetooth module QH610, etc., to achieve intelligent Bluetooth LED light color control and other functions. At this stage, QH610 has two kinds of low-power Bluetooth color control solutions, one is 1:1, 1 smartphone control 1 LED light, one is 1:N, depending on the cell phone system. Low-power Bluetooth color control light program introduction: cell phone Bluetooth and color lights on the BLE Bluetooth module for pairing, to achieve APP command control color lights Bluetooth, to perform different functions, etc.


Smart lighting Bluetooth Mesh light control solution

The Bluetooth mesh system developed by Rittal is the perfect answer for connected lighting solutions. It combines Bluetooth technology with cloud connectivity, allowing you to control your lighting system from anywhere using any device.

In the Bluetooth Mesh light control solution, the Bluetooth Mesh module needs to be built into the LED light. The users can control any light or group of lights in the Mesh network by connecting any LED light in the Mesh network with their smartphone. 

The Bluetooth switch can be used as a node to control the switch of all lights in the Mesh network or set different types of scene modes.

The user can also manage the LED lights in the mesh network in groups and can dim the lights in the mesh network, adjust the color, set different scene modes, and switch them on and off at regular intervals.

Do Smart lighting solutions choose low-power Bluetooth or Bluetooth Mesh?

Smart lighting systems have become popular lately, but most companies in the market offer two approaches to IoT communication. They use a low-power wireless connection (i.e., Bluetooth) or Bluetooth Mesh as communication protocols. Many people still don’t understand the differences between these two technologies and their pros and cons because most people tend to associate one with the other. However, as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold; this is not always the case with Bluetooth technology. A large number of intelligent lighting devices.

At this stage, there is a demand for intelligent lighting, mainly in the home and commercial market, and low-power Bluetooth modules can meet the home and a small range of commercial lighting smart lighting needs.

For an extensive range of commercial lighting or the number of lamps and lanterns need to choose Bluetooth Mesh because commercial lighting emphasizes large-scale network arrangement and stability. In the specific intelligent lighting solutions, customers need to be based on the actual application of cost, performance, and other comprehensive considerations to make a choice.

The advantages of Bluetooth light control solution

Bluetooth lighting control can create environmental aesthetics.

 In public places, the staff can be for different times and different uses of the lighting scene to carry out the settings so that guests can make a new visual impact when they arrive. It can also be for different stages, through the adjustment of color, rhythmic way, and other techniques to create a beautiful environment, to bring a kind of artistic appreciation of the experience.

You can adjust the lighting scenario according to your mood and pastime, watch movies, meet guests, and so on scenario mode, switch anytime, anywhere, can make your mood pleasant.

It can extend the life of the lamps.

 Lamp damage is often due to high voltage; the more significant the working voltage of the lamps and lanterns, the lower life will be. Bluetooth lighting control can set the standard voltage of the system to prevent high voltage damage to the lights and lanterns, thus ensuring and extending the service life of the lamps and lanterns.

It can save energy for you.

In addition to providing users with a beautiful environment, energy conservation is essential in today’s sustainable development. The use of adaptive lighting control methods helps improve the lighting system’s efficiency, such as setting a reasonable time early, at a certain point in time, on the lighting source.

On the contrary, if the lighting environment is without people, you can set an excellent time to turn off the lighting source.

The above Bluetooth light control program has advantages related to sharing. We provide Bluetooth and WiFi light control solutions and support the access of various types of LED lamps and lanterns, such as light strips, light strings, bulbs, floodlights, etc. If you need to consult related solutions, please contact us for detailed communication.

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