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Customize Your Christmas by Smart LED Strip Lights

In the previous article, we introduced the customization of your life through smart products. Smart products play an important role in daily life and can customize an unforgettable memory during the holiday season.

Christmas is coming, and everyone is planning to decorate their homes to welcome it. How can Christmas be without Christmas lights? There are all kinds of Christmas lights on the market, but the colors and functions are all the same, not to surprise consumers.

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Do you want something different for Christmas this year?
Home furnishings can be customized, and clothes can be customized. Have you ever thought that your home Christmas tree can also be customized?

Then you must not miss the smart LED strip lights. The principle of smart LED strip lights is based on the original Christmas string lights or LED strip lights with a smart LED controller.

Yes, it is such a small-pixel LED controller that will bring you a different Christmas.

Pixel Controller

LED controller is divided into RGB LED strip controller, RGBW LED strip controller, and SPI LED controller according to the different colors of holiday lights. All LED controllers are integrated with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth smart module, allowing users to choose different signals to control Christmas lights according to their use environment. For example, if you are in an environment without a WI-FI signal, you can apply your phone’s Bluetooth to connect with the LED lights controller so that you can control your holiday lights.

The upgraded version of the two-in-one LED controller solves the trouble of not controlling the strip lights because of the WI-FI signal, greatly improving the user experience.

Different LED controllers match different colors of light strips or string lights. There will use different effects. Such as the pixel LED controller, the SPI LED controller is used to match SPI LED strip lights, and the function is very powerful.

smart LED strip lights

. Digital addressable LED strip lights have a built-in smart IC chip.

The smart IC chip is the latest light-displaying technology. Addressable LED Strip Lights can display multiple colors on a line at the same time, just like a rainbow effect. Customize your Christmas with vibrant colors and effects.

. More colors, better control

Enjoy more color displays by choosing more colors from 16 million colors. Customize the color and brightness for every segment by the APP.

. Scene mode and music synchronization

Christmas is certainly not without a Christmas party, and then your customized lights can add a different color to the party

The smart LED strip lights are synchronized with the music, flashing, jumping, etc., according to the intensity of the party music; take your party to the next level with these music strip lights, which can be easily synchronized with your favorite songs.

. Smart color selection

Through the app, let your phone’s lens at the color you want on the picture or the real thing, and you will be amazed to see your Christmas lights become the same color as the picture. This powerful feature will amaze you and your friends and family.

. Smart App Control

Connect with the App via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for many features, including access to 16 million colors, music sync mode, vibrant scene effects, timer, anywhere always-on control, and more. All these features add more colors to your Christmas party and camp a memorable Christmas for you.

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