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Full Guide of Smart Lighting for 2022

Smart light bulbs are one of the most popular and widely used smart home devices on the market today. Industry insiders expect the market for smart lighting to reach $10.52 billion in sales by 2023. These figures suggest that the smart lighting market will see strong growth in the next two years.

What are the advantages of smart lighting compared to traditional lights? Not only do smart lighting have lighting capabilities, they also have a built-in chip, a small chip that allows users to control the color and brightness of the smart light bulb in real-time via smartphone or smart speaker.

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The benefits of smart lighting are much more than that; we will introduce the different types of smart lights in detail and hope it will bring you some ideas.

What benefits do smart lighting bring to us?

More energy saving

LED light bulbs last several times longer than traditional bulbs and are more energy-efficient. Almost all smart lighting products use LED chips, improving lighting efficiency by about 75%.

When the user finds the room is not occupied, but the lights are still on, you can turn off the smart LED bulbs that have been connected to the APP, through your smartphone. This will save a lot of energy and reduce carbon emissions.

More convenient life

When you are holding something with both hands, say to the smart speaker: “Alexa, Turn on the light,” the smart lighting bulb will automatically light up.
Set the time to turn on and off the light through the APP, and when you come home, you will find the light just turned on. Life with smart lights has become more convenient.

Colorful life

Smart led lights support 16 million color changes; you can set different colors at will. Set the color you want according to different festivals, home decoration, and add a different atmosphere for festivals and parties.

Types of Smart Lighting

Smart led lights are connected to smartphones and smart speakers through wireless technology to achieve remote control. According to the different wireless connection technologies, smart light bulbs are divided into Wi-Fi smart lights, Bluetooth smart lights, and Zigbee smart lights.


Wi-Fi smart lights

Easy to install, smart Wi-Fi LED bulb does not need hub or gateway to work. You need to connect the light bulb to Wi-Fi through a specific App, and it will be ready to use.

Bluetooth Smart Lights

Using the Bluetooth function of your smartphone to connect to the Bluetooth Smart Lights, no hub or gateway is required, and you can still control the light bulb through your phone even when there is no WIFI signal. The disadvantage of Bluetooth smart light is that you can only control the light within the Bluetooth range, the farther you are from the smart light bulb, the weaker the signal is, and you can’t control the light bulb.

Zigbee Smart Lights

Zigbee smart lights must work with gateway, and operate on 2.4Ghz radiofrequency. It has strong and stable connectivity and wide coverage, but it is expensive and has no price advantage.

Things to consider when purchasing smart lighting

Do you need a hub or gateway to make the smart light work?

Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb and Bluetooth light bulbs are controlled by smartphone, no need for hub or gateway, easy to install. Zigbee light bulbs require a gateway to work together.

Whether to configure gateway will affect your purchase budget because additional hardware will increase the purchase cost.

Whether these smart lights are compatible with other settings

Before purchasing, you need to consider whether the smart lights fit into your smart ecosystem, which is an important factor to consider. Not all smart home lighting in the market can work with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, IFTT, etc.

Smart lighting material

Choose high tenacity PC material, heat-resistant and good light transmission effect of the bulb not only lighting brightness can be controlled, but also not easy to break.

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Smart Lights performance

Smart light bulb, the first thing you need to meet is the basic function of the light bulb, that is, lighting. Usually measure the lighting performance of a lighting bulb mainly from the brightness, color rendering, light source radiation, heat dissipation, and other aspects.

If a product is bright but not blinding, good color rendering object color and true, low radiation, no strobe also protects the eyesight, then prove that the quality is excellent.

Heat dissipation performance

Pay attention to the heat dissipation material of the smart LED bulb, such as aluminum heat shell, heat dissipation adhesive, color difference sense, etc., to facilitate the selection of fast heat dissipation, relatively long life of the light.


We have a better understanding of the smart light bulb through the above content. Different types of smart bulbs have their advantages and disadvantages. According to the local market demand, choose the most suitable purchase plan. If you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

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