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How are LED strips controlled?

LED strip lights are decorative lights assembled with many LEDs on a ribbon FPC or PCB board and then connected to a power supply to emit light.

The flexible LED strip lights are a widely used decorative light source, which can be used for both commercial and home decoration. In addition to energy-saving brightness, long life, it is small in size, easy to combine, a variety of forms can be flexible to change a variety of forms, in the consumer’s favor.

With the consumer’s preference for smart products, the strip light also ushered in an upgrade. This article mainly introduces the control method and principle of the 12V led strip lights.

The control method of the 12V LED strip lights

12V LED strip lights are generally composed of three parts: the strip light, the LED strip controller, and the power adapter. Connect the parts and plug the power adapter into the power supply; then the 12V flexible LED strip lights can work.

The LED strip controller is the main component to control the luminous effect of the color-changing led strip lights. Through the LED controller can make different lighting effects on the RGB LED strip lights.

There are usually the following kinds of LED strip controllers: Infrared controller, 2.4GHz remote controller, Wi-Fi LED controller, Bluetooth LED controller, WiFi + Bluetooth controller.

Infrared controller

The infrared controller sends the encoded infrared wave to the infrared receiver and converts it into device commands. When the button on the remote control is pressed, a panel on the device emits a short infrared light, and the receiver attached to the strip light reads the flash and converts it into a command. When using the infrared controller of the LED strip light, it cannot be blocked by solid objects; otherwise, the signal will not be received. The effective remote control distance of the infrared controller is 10 meters, which is easily affected by the angle of use.

Function: With the infrared control panel, you can choose on/off, dimming, color, and jumping flash for the light strip.

RF Remote Controller

2.4GHz remote controller

2.4GHz remote controller uses RF 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, the band is used internationally license-free and royalty-free. Leading RF wireless synchronization/zoning control technology, receiving the controller without synchronization signal line, synchronization performance is stable and reliable.

Function: It can realize the long-distance control of the light strip, color mixing, dimming, etc., through the panel to the light strip.

Wi-Fi LED controller

Wi-Fi LED controller uses advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) control technology, embedded with WIIF intelligent module, through the Wi-Fi signal to control the bedroom LED strip lights. Using 2.4GHz wireless RF remote control or through the APP can achieve remote control, group synchronization dimming, timing settings, music control, custom mode, and other functions, but also can be bound to the smart speaker through intelligent voice control.

This is currently the most popular LED controller. The RGB LED strip lights can achieve many smart functions, such as synchronization of lights and music, timing functions, multi-zone control, etc.

LED controller

Bluetooth LED controller

Bluetooth LED controller built-in Bluetooth module, compatible with low-power Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) protocol, and support voice control switch, with high reception sensitivity, combined with the powerful functions of APP, to achieve intelligent fade, scene mode, intelligent timing, through the wall remote control and other functions of the LED tape light.

WIFI+Bluetooth LED controller

WIFI+Bluetooth LED controller is using WiFi+Bluetooth combination module, and users can realize data transmission through WiFi part, but also through the Bluetooth part to realize data transmission and intelligent control. Connected to the WIFI+Bluetooth LED controller

of the light strip, you can easily control 12V led strip lights through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal.

The working principle of WiFi+Bluetooth LED controller.
The Bluetooth module in the WiFi+Bluetooth LED controller will receive user commands to Bluetooth, transmitting data to Wi-Fi through serial communication, and Wi-Fi will upload data to the cloud server. Through a series of data processing, realize the color, brightness of the light strip through the cell phone APP or smart speaker.


With the recognition of smart home products, Wireless LED Controller will become more and more popular. If you want to know more about LED controllers, please contact our technical team.

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