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How do LED Light Strips work?

The working principle of LED Light Strips is that each section is a unit. Each unit has a fixed number of light-emitting diodes and distributed current-limiting resistors, which the unit should cut off when cutting. Otherwise, the section will not light up. Each unit is connected separately in parallel to bear the power supply voltage, and there are DC 200V, 24V, 12V, 5V and other options.

Installation of the LED Light Strips

Indoor installation: When LED Light Strips are used for indoor decoration, the installation is very simple because they do not have to withstand the wind and rain. Each LED Light Strips has a self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive on the back, so you can directly tear off the 3M double-sided adhesive sticker, fix the LED Light Strips to the place where it needs to be installed, and press it flat by hand

Outdoor installation

Outdoor installation due to the wind and rain, if the 3M adhesive fixation, time will cause 3M adhesive reduced adhesion and LED light tapes off, so the outdoor installation is often used to fix the way slot.

The power supply connection method

LED light tapes general voltage of DC 12V, so you need to use a switching power supply, the size of the power supply according to the 12V LED strip lights power, and connection length to determine. Suppose you do not want to use a power supply to control each 12V LED strip light. In that case, you can buy a relatively large power-switching power supply to do the total power supply. Then all the 12V LED strip lights input power supplies are connected in parallel, unified by the total switching power supply. This has the advantage of centralized control.

LED Controller connection

There are various options for the controller of the LED light ribbons, infrared controller, Bluetooth LED controller, and Wi-Fi LED controller. Wi-Fi LED strip controller, for example, according to the instructions to connect the Wi-Fi LED strip controller and the light belt, you can achieve long-distance control through the smartphone. Wi-Fi LED controller is not limited by distance. As long as there is Wi-Fi, the place can be controlled, breaking the traditional controller control distance limit.

LED strip controller

Pay attention to the LED light strip connection distance

In general, the 3528 LED strips, have a maximum connection distance of 20 meters; the 5050 LED strips, have a maximum connection distance of 15 meters. If the LED light ribbons are easy to heat up beyond this connection distance, the use of the process will affect the service life of the LED strip. Therefore, the installation must be installed to the manufacturer’s requirements, and never let the LED light ribbons run under load.

How long do LED Light Strips work?

The life span of LED strip lights is 50,000 hours of continuous light, and you can always be on, and open more than 2,000 days before it breaks. In actual use, in addition to some damage caused by improper installation, the life of led strip lights is related to the following factors:

  • LED is an electrostatic induction photoresistor; if the LED light strips factory maintains the LED light strips without suitable anti-static countermeasures, it will burn LED, resulting in consumption; then the life of the LED light strips can’t be guaranteed.
  • LED light strip copper core wire or flexible circuit board flexibility is not very good and will cause the LED light strip the bending rupture and endanger the LED strip’s service life.
  • LED light strip is generally used for constant voltage power supply. If the output of the switching power supply is not stable, causing the LED strip in non-standard working voltage will also endanger its service life.

If the number of beads in the strip light is not enough, the voltage of the whole LED strip will be shared by the resistor, which will heat up and thus affect the life of the light strip.

How do you make LED Light Strips dimmable?

As an essential part of modern decoration design, 12V LED strip lights are increasingly used in different fields. Its main role is not lighting but is often used to create different lighting atmospheres. The dimming function of the 12 V LED strip lights is not only the main element to create different atmospheres but also saves energy, improves the quality of life, improves the efficiency of the light source, and extends the life of the strip.

There are several ways of dimming, as follows:

PWM dimming
It can also be referred to as digital dimming, and it can be made by digital programming in the form of wireless networks for 0-100% dimming; the dimming effect is perfect, the overall cost is relatively high, can be selected for use in the more demanding intelligent occasions.

Intelligent LED controller, for example, built-in WIFI / Bluetooth module, connected to the cell phone, through the APP on the smartphone, from 0-100% of dimming. Compared with the traditional dimming method, The LED strip controller is more intelligent, and more accurate.

LED dimmer controller with dimming function, in addition to timing, 16 million colors to choose from. Matching intelligent speakers, you can also voice control, scenario mode, and so on. LED dimmer controller is not a dimming tool but a collection of most of the intelligent functions of the controller.

Switch dimming
Switch dimming is through the original light power switch for dimming, in the use of the installation does not require any additional dimmers, as long as the number of times and speed of the original power switch can be pressed to achieve the dimming function of the lighting fixtures.

Silicon controlled dimming
Thyristor dimming mode is usually used only when the original power switch needs to be replaced by a thyristor dimming switch by rotating to adjust the height.

As global energy resources are getting tighter and tighter, energy-saving and environmental protection are the mainstream directions of the lighting decoration market.

LED light strips are popular because of their environmental protection, small size, low energy consumption, high reliability, and other characteristics. We are a professional LED light strip manufacturer in China, providing you with one-stop intelligent solutions.

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