How smart plug and smart remote controller change your live?

Under the concept of the IoT, smart plug, smart remote controller and smart panel controller are the products born with the idea of the smart home.

The smart home can be operated by a smart touch screen, remote control, smartphone or tablet PC, without any limitation of time and space. For example, smart light bulbs can be controlled in all rooms with fewer clicks on a smartphone. Today we would like to introduce smart plug, smart remote controller and Smart Panel Controller.

smart plug

As a smart life, it is essential to be smart and save money on energy control. Therefore, the mobile Internet of Things should be able to automatically cut off the power of standby appliances according to the situation, not only won’t disturb everyday life, but also to achieve energy saving.

Wireless Smart Plug

Many people have occasionally forgotten to turn off the lights, air conditioning and other situations; with the help of energy management technology, smart air conditioning, smart LED lights and other smart home devices at home will synchronize their operations. When we leave home, the home’s smart devices will be able to power off automatically. Smart sockets can achieve this function.

Alexa smart plug can control the power on and off of appliances through a computer, phone or remote control. For example, a mini WiFi smart plug can be operated through a smartphone. The most basic function of a mini smart plug is to remotely control the power on and off of the socket through the smartphone and turn off the smart plug’s power supply circuit when the appliance is not operating, which is safe and saves power. The smart plug can also be set to switch the power source of household appliances on and off at regular intervals, be convenient, energy-efficient, and prevent electrical fires.

The biggest highlight of the Alexa smart plug is that it can be used to remotely control home appliances through the smartphone APP, so that the air humidifier and electric kettle can work in advance on the way home, making you feel warm and cozy when you arrive.

Functions of smart plug:

  • Timed shutdown of complete sets of appliances saves electricity and money. It perfectly matches small devices that need to be turned on regularly. Allowing users to have their egg cooker, coffee maker, and toaster ready for breakfast every morning, so they don’t have to worry about being late for work and hurting their stomachs.
  • After the WiFi smart socket is connected to the router, when you go home and connect your phone to WiFi, the smart socket can automatically turn on and turn off automatically after leaving home, so you don’t have to worry about whether the home appliances are disconnected.
  • With the motion detection function of the smart camera lens, the smart socket can be switched on and off when there is a big change in the monitoring screen.

Smart devices have brought a lot of convenience to people’s lives, and technology has made life more interesting. With the emergence of smart sockets, people no longer have to worry about the danger of forgetting to turn off the power of devices at home; you can freely control the power off, eliminating accidents as much as possible.

Bluetooth Mesh Smart Remote Controller

Bluetooth Mesh Smart Remote Controller is a 2.4GHz high-frequency wireless control with low power consumption, high-speed transmission, fast remote control, etc. It can control within 30 meters without any obstacle, and a single Bluetooth remote controller can add up to 64 devices. For example, control 64 Bluetooth light bulbs or light strips at the same time.

Smart 24 Keys Controller

BT Mesh remote controller can match different Bluetooth network smart devices, such as smart switch, LED strip light controller, smart LED bulb, smart downlight, panel controller, etc. You can control your home with one click, such as switch, light color and brightness adjustment.

Smart Panel Controller

There are two kinds of Bluetooth mesh smart touch panel remote controller on the market: smart lighting panels and smart curtain panels.

The main function of the Bluetooth mesh touch panel controller is to realize the switch control and brightness adjustment of intelligent lighting; users can control the light on and off by touching the panel with their hands. No wiring, easy installation, long-distance remote control, group control and other functions

Smart Panel Controller

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