How to choose WiFi Wireless LED Controller or Bluetooth control?

How to choose WiFi Wireless LED Controller or Bluetooth LED controller?

The smart LED controller connected to the LED strip lights is divided into Wi-Fi Wireless LED Controller, Bluetooth LED Controller, and Zigbee controller according to the different technologies, and the most popular ones on the market are Wi-Fi Wireless LED Controller and Bluetooth LED Controller.

How to choose WiFi Wireless LED Controller or Bluetooth control?

Both WiFi Wireless LED Controller and Bluetooth LED Controller are built-in WIFI module and Bluetooth module, so how should we pick it?

Through the following 5 points to analyze their advantages and disadvantages We judge from the following 5 points:

1. Power consumption

Mini Bluetooth controller transmitting power and standby power consumption compared to Mini LED controller to be lower, in standby mode, with 1 device sharing, Mini LED controller share an hour on average 10% power consumption, but Mini Bluetooth controller power consumption is WIFI 1/3.

2. Security

Bluetooth LED light strip controller provides two layers of password protection, while the security risk of a mini RGB controller is the same as other networks, once someone obtains partial access to your network. In terms of security, Bluetooth LED light strip controller is better than the mini RGB controller.

3. Communication distance

RGB Bluetooth controller controls the effective distance of about 30 meters, WiFi LED strip controller only need to have WIFI environment to achieve remote control, so in terms of distance, WiFi LED strip controller effective control distance win over the RGB Bluetooth controller. Now the RGB Bluetooth controller can be realized the remote control outside when connecting to Smart Hub

4. Cost

The cost of a Bluetooth LED controller is lower than an LED stirp WiFi controller.

5. Technology

WIFI technology

The advantages of WiFi are its fast transmission speed, which can reach 11mbps, and its wide coverage range, which can reach 100 meters in radius. Suh as Alexa, Google Home, etc. They are using this connection method.

In addition, like some lighting equipment, smart WiFi bulbs, smart WiFi plug, etc. They have also used a WiFi connection. For example, we can connect smart home devices through WiFi to control smart light bulbs to adjust the brightness of the light, control the door and home appliances open and close. These functions are the use of WiFi can be in remote control, intelligent remote control characteristics.

Although WiFi connection is so convenient, it also has a relatively large hidden danger, that is, security. Because WiFi uses radiofrequency technology to send and receive data through the air, using radio waves to transmit data signals, so data packets in the process of transmission can be detected or received by the outside world, even after encryption after transmission, in the case of sufficient data packets, it is still possible to be cracked.

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth is a point-to-point, short-range communication, mainly used in mobile devices or shorter distances between transmission, mobile devices are more widely used, like cell phones, headphones, notebooks, tablets, etc. support Bluetooth function. In addition, Bluetooth devices are small and easy to carry, so in the field of smart homes, Bluetooth technology is more suitable for some close private use of devices, such as Bluetooth light bulbs, Bluetooth controllers, Bluetooth bracelets, etc…

Whether you use an LED strip WiFi controller or Bluetooth LED controller can make your home lighting more intelligent. Without any technical support, ordinary light strips connected to the LED controllers can become smart lights, with the use of a special LED Controller App Magic Home Pro, you can easily control the lights on your smartphone, color, and time settings. Another smart feature is that the lights can change color to the rhythm of the music. Magic Home Pro can synchronize multiple LED controllers, a smartphone can control all the lights in your home.

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