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How to Control Addressable LED Strips with Pixel LED Controller?

With the continuous progress of technology and the rapid development of information technology, the combination of automatic control technology and LED intelligent lighting systems is slowly penetrating our daily life. Smart lighting is mainly through the Internet of Things technology to connect a variety of lamps and lanterns, can be the remote control of home lamps and lanterns to create a different atmosphere and scene.

Now on the market, home lamps and lanterns for wireless control of the LED controller are Wi-Fi LED controller, Bluetooth LED controller, radiofrequency controller (RF controller), infrared controller (IR Controller), etc.

The use of radiofrequency, infrared, and other ways to control the controller exists to control the number of lamps and lanterns, the short distance, and other drawbacks. And wireless LED controller, although to overcome the above problems, because of its device driver for MOSFET, It can’t be with the control the IC, thus causing the light can only synchronous change, change the effect of monotonous and other problems.

The introduction of a pixel LED controller is an excellent solution to the above pain points. The pixel Wi-Fi LED controller provides a WIFI technology based on the SPI LED controller. Using smartphones to generate various lighting effects mode data, the use of the light transformation effect is richer.

What kind of Addressable LED Strips can be Controlled by Pixel LED Controller?

The colorful display of the Addressable LED Strips, the changing effect, and the simple and convenient way to control it are gaining more and more popularity.

Pixel LED controller can control a variety of driver ICs, such as WS2812B, SM16703, WS16704, WS2811, UCS1903, SK6812, SK6812RGBW, INK1003, UCS2904B, etc.

The WS2811 strip light is a common LED strip light. Using the IC for WS2811, the lamp beads are 5050 RGB. The strip light with intelligent IC can be changed through the pixel LED controller, creating different lighting effects.

WS2811 colorful strip light uses FPC to do assembly circuit board, with SMD LED and the original assembly, so that the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin. WS2811 light strip can be cut; FPC material is soft, wound at will, and is suitable for irregular places and small space use. Each LED light forms a circuit.

Addressable LED Strips with built-in IC lamp beads, LED driver IC and RGB light-emitting chip integrated into 5050 lamp beads, only one LED light source and a tiny filter capacitor are needed to form a complete pixel point. One IC controls one bead. Even if one IC has a problem, it will not affect the other beads, so it can be cut at the circuit according to the length of demand without damaging other parts

addressable LED strips

How SPI LED controller controls the RGB LED pixel lights?

The Pixel RGB LED controller is designed to control the RGB LED pixel tape or point light source with decoding IC. Working voltage is 5-24 V. You can download the APP, connect through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and use the APP to control. It is easily set different dynamic modes and static colors on the APP.

You can also control addressable LED Strips by 2.4 G remote controller. At the same time, you can also use the synchronization function to control more lamps by connecting from the pixel LED controller.

12V Pixel Lights Controller

Functions of the Individually Addressable LED Strips controlled by APP

Fixed mode

Through APP control, there are 10 fixed modes for users to choose. Through the functions in the APP to adjust the color of the addressable LED Strips, brightness, light flashing speed, etc., to achieve a variety of exciting ways to play with the addressable LED Strips.

LED strip app

Built-in modes

In addition to several fixed modes, there are 100 built-in modes of the IC LED strip, which can also be adjusted through the brightness and speed bars. Each mode is already designed before the built-in, playing a variety of ways to meet the needs of different users.

LED controller APP

Custom Mode

In custom mode, you can add multiple steps, various mode effects at your choice, pick your favorite color among 16 million colors, choose the segment to turn on or off, and adjust the speed of the programmable LED light strips. Then this unique strip of lights is complete.

LED strip lights APP

Sound mode

Choose the mode you want according to your needs, and the digital LED strips will follow the sound frequency received by the microphone and flash.

Timer function

Set a time on the app to turn the pixel LED Strip on and off at the specified time.

Delay switch

Set a 10 or 15-second delay for your pixel LED Strip to turn on or off.

Multi-color function

Multi-color is a unique feature of the pixel RGB LED flexible strip. It is the latest light displaying technology that display multiple colors on a line at the same time. Meanwhile, the LED light controller APP also built-in a variety of colorful mode can be arbitrarily selected. The color transition can choose to gradient or fill.

For example, a pixel RGB LED flexible strip of 100 IC, from 0 to 100 ICs are set to red, and then the pixel RGB LED flexible strip is all red.

pixel light app
pixel strip APP

If the RGB pixel tape is set to green at the 50th IC, the RGB pixel tape will be half green and half red.

IC strip light app
pixel led strip

You can continue to add color, from the 75th IC set to purple, then as shown in the figure below, the RGB pixel tape of 75-100 IC color is purple.

RGB pixel strip app
programming RGB LED strip

And so on, you can set different colors at different IC positions, and each point of the IC will display the corresponding color according to the parameters we set.

SPI LED controller app
RGB LED pixel lights

Use the Pixel LED controller to control the Addressable LED Strips, and you can change the effect of different lights, to add different colors to your life. For more information on Pixel LED controller and addressable LED strip lights, check out our website and have all your questions answered by our team of experts.

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