How to control your LED stirp lights

How to control your LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are a new type of LED light source that combines small LED light-emitting chips soldered to a long strip of the substrate. Thin in size and composed of single or multi-color, the strip lights are very flexible and easy to use, ideal for integration with concealed projects.

The use of controller LED strip lights with energy-saving, long life, pure luminescence, high brightness, and reusable several benefits. Normally, The strip lights will be equipped with a controller to use. Today we will let you know How to control your LED strip lights?

Smartphone control LED strip lights

With the progress of technology, there is a smart LED light controller on the market. This kind of LED light controller has a built-in WIFI chip, which can be programmed into the chip, and then connected to the strip lights. Take Magic Home Pro APP as an example, and introduce how to control the light strip in detail

  1. Through Magic Home Pro APP, you can easily select your favorite color from 16 million colors.
    . Mixing the three primary colors of red, green, and blue into 16 million colors, there is always a color that can fit your scene.
    . According to the needs of the scene, by dragging the brightness bar, free to debug the brightness you need.
    LED controller APP

  2. A variety of lighting modes to choose from LED strip controller built-in 20 kinds of dynamic modes.
    . Single-color fade, jump, strobe
    . Multi-color fade, jump, strobe
    LED Contorller App function

  3. Custom colors
    . Add color DIY function, design your color
    . For DIY colors, set the gradient, jump, strobe function
    DIY color of LED strip controller

  4. Microphone function
    . Open the microphone function in the LED controller App, the microphone of the smartphone to receive the signal into different rhythms of the strip light change.
    Microphone function of LED Controller

  5. The LED strip lights with the music rhythm synchronization function.
    . LED Controller APP inside the music function has four modes: default mode, rock mode, jazz mode, classical mode. Play the song you want to hear on your smartphone, the light of the strip will be pulsating according to the rhythm of the song.
    . iOS system needs to download audio from iTunes to the phone, or through the computer’s iTunes software to have downloaded the audio copy to the phone, use the APP music mode to synchronize the light with the rhythm of the music, the color of the strip with the rhythm of the music to change.
    music LED controller APP
  1. Mobile phone camera color function
    Point the phone’s camera at the color you want, the color pickup area in the APP will automatically identify, the light band will change to this color.
    LED strip lights controller APP

  2. Group control function
    one LED controller app controls multiple LED light controllers connected to the strip at the same time. First of all, you should classify multiple LED light controllers to the same group, you can control all the LED light controllers in this group on and off, and change the name of each group for easy management. For example, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.

  3. Timing light switch function
    Connected to the LED light controller of the light strip, according to the time you set, automatically switch control, for example, you set 7:00 am, then every morning at 7:00 am, the light strip will automatically light up.
    RF Controller

  4. Voice device control LED strip lights
    A smart LED light controller connected with a voice device can realize the function of the voice control strip. The LED light controller is compatible with Alexa, Google home, you only need to send voice commands, Alexa or google home receive voice commands, and then send to the LED light controller to control the LED strip lights. Through the voice device, you can do, on/off, color selection, brightness adjustment, and other functions for the light strip.

RF controller / IR controller control strip lights

The traditional method of controlling the strip lights is mainly through the RF controller or IR controller, the control function is mainly to select the specified several colors, brightness, and strip lights jumping mode.

The main functions of the RF/IR controller are constant brightness, wave-type changes, continuous changes, flashing changes, slow flashing changes, bright changes, dream changes, fast flashing changes, etc… In terms of different occasions and different light effects, needs can choose different controllers to achieve.

The function of remote controller is generally ON / OFF, PAUSE, MODE +, MODE-, SPEED, BRT, RESET several function buttons, you can rely on these buttons to adjust the brightness of the strip, color and mode. The controller is actually very easy to get started, just like the TV remote control, just a few of the commonly used function buttons, as long as the use of a few times can be skilled in the use of.
RF Controller

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