How to Fix WiFi lighting controller

How to Fix Your WiFi Lighting Controller

The WiFi lighting controller is very widely used, and can be connected to strip lights, copper wire lights, traditional Christmas lights, ceiling lights, etc. These lighting fixtures are connected to a smart LED WiFi controller, you can use the smartphone APP or voice device to control them. Therefore, a good WiFi LED controller plays a key role in the whole intelligent lighting system. You can see this article to know What is LED controller?

How to restore the WiFi lighting controller?

. Before resetting, please keep the LED strip lights that connect the WiFi controller in power off

resetting strip lights

. Start restoring: power on the LED strip lights, then power off (repeat 3 times)

power on  off strip lights

. Reset successful: LED Strip light flashes for a few seconds

strip lights flashes for a few second

The WiFi signal of “LEDnet ” can be seen in the Wi-Fi list of your phone.

The WiFi lighting controller can’t connect to the router

. Make sure the WiFi lighting controller is powered on

Connect RGB LED Controller

. Make sure the network functions of your router and smartphone are available

phone controller
Make sure you enter the correct password for the router

. Make sure to add an LED strip WiFi controller using the 2.4G Wi-Fi channel, Wi-Fi needs to be on broadcast and cannot be set to hidden

led music controller

. Make sure the router encryption mode is WPA2-PSK, the authentication type is AES, or both are set to Auto. If the router reaches the maximum number of devices, you can try to turn off the Wi-Fi function of a device to free up the channel and reconfigure it.

Smart LED WiFi Controller

If the router turns on wireless MAC address filtering, you can try to move the device out of the router’s MAC filtering list to ensure that the Road Echo does not prohibit the device from networking.

How can I check if the remote access function is enabled?

On the main screen of the app, click the “setting icon ” or “Magic Home pro icon ” icon in the upper left corner.
Select “Device Management” and check whether the ” remote control” icon corresponding to the specified device is lit, as shown below.
If the device status shows ” remote control offline icon“, it is online of the local status. but remote access is disabled (or the device is not connected to the remote server), please click the device and select “Remote Settings” to enable the remote function, as shown in the figure below:

Magic Home Pro Menu
remote setting

To realize the functions of outgoing remote control, Alexa, Google Home, Siri shortcut voice control, widget control, etc., you must make sure the remote access function is turned on to perform properly.
Usually, you will automatically turn on the remote access function after you add the device. In special cases, the remote function is not turned on, you can check whether the remote access function is turned on by the above way.

The WiFi lighting controller shows offline, what should you do?

. Please make sure that the lighting controller is powered on.

. Please check if the RGB LED controller settings are restored. Make sure the RGB LED Controller is on, and check the phone system WiFi interface to see if the signal of “LEDnetxxxx” can be found, if the signal of “LEDnetxxxx” is found, you need to reconnect it to your home network.

. Check whether the Wi-Fi connection to the smartphone and the Wi-Fi connection to the lighting Controller is on the same network, if not, please switch the smartphone Wi-Fi network to make sure the smartphone and the RGB LED strip controller are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If the remote control is needed away from home, log in to the App account and enable the remote access function of the LED strip light controller.

. Please check your network wiring and network status to make sure the front-end router can access the Internet and that other clients in the network are working properly. Also, make sure your router network settings have not changed, causing the smart device to lose its wireless connection. (You can check this through your router’s “Wireless Client List” or DHCP list). Finally, please reboot the WiFi LED Controller to restore the wireless connection.

. Please check if the wall or door between the WiFi LED controller and the router is too far away. For the Smart Strip Controller, make sure the power supply is DC constant voltage.

. Please check if the number of Wi-Fi connections on the router is too many. You can try restarting the router and then leaving it for 2 to 3 minutes to see if the connection can be restored.

If all of the above are ruled out and the device is still offline, please restore the LED WiFi Controller to factory settings and then reconnect the LED WiFi Controller to your Wi-Fi network.

How to do it when the remote network is online, but the local network is offline?

In the App device management interface, if the device shows the status ” online device“, it means that the device is online remotely but offline locally, please try to troubleshoot through the following ways.

. Please check whether the distance between the router and the lighting controllers is too far and whether there are any blocking objects in the middle causing abnormal signals.

. Check whether the Wi-Fi connection to the smartphone and the Wi-Fi connection to the LED Lighting controller are on the same network, if not, please switch the phone Wi-Fi network to make sure the phone and the LED lighting Controller are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

. Restart the WiFi light controller (the WiFi light is powered off and then powered back on) and then the App main screen pulls down to refresh the list and check if the problem is fixed.

. Restart the smartphone Wi-Fi and make sure the smartphone Wi-Fi is connected to the Wi-Fi network the LED strip WiFi controller is connected to, then check if the problem is fixed.

. Reboot the router, wait for the reboot to complete, and make sure the phone Wi-Fi is connected to the Wi-Fi network the WiFi light controller is connected to.

If the solutions do not work, please email us.

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