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How to use LED Light Controller?

As we all know, the LED strip light needs to be connected to the controller before it can be controlled by control. In the past few years, the controller has also been upgraded into a smart LED light controller. The smart LED light controller installed a WiFi or Bluetooth module, through the WiFi or Bluetooth signal with a smartphone control LED strip lights.

The traditional controller can only match the strip light to use. Now the smart LED light Controller, in addition to connecting to the strip light use, uses a wider and wider range, such as connecting to fairy lights, led rope lights, pointed bubbles, etc. The whole decorative light industry has changed a lot because of this mini LED light controller. Smart LED controller brings new changes, and new opportunities to the holiday light industry

The LED light controller connected to the fairy light

Fairy lights are a kind of decorative holiday light that have become very popular in recent years. Fairy lights have many advantages, such as small size, low power consumption, and use by a wide range of users. Fairy lights have a layer of insulating paint on the surface of the copper wire, easy to connect the light points, have high flexibility, and can be made into different shapes. It is used in home decoration, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

Fairy lights with LED light controllers can change different lighting effects, such as illumination effect, and 16 million colors; different control methods are available, such as remote control, smartphone, or voice control. There are different scenes to match different atmospheres; Synchronized music, the lights change with the beat of the music.

smart fairy lights

The LED light controller connected to Patio Lights bulb

Patio Lights bulb is very popular for decorating gardens, decks, restaurants or weddings. Connect the patio light bulb to the LED light controller, and you can dim the light through the mobile app, no need to install a separate dimmer. Adjust the brightness between 1% and 100%.

patio light bulb connect LED controller

The LED light controller connected to string lights

String lights are mostly used for Christmas decorations. With the Bluetooth LED controller, it changes like a rainbow, suitable for different occasions. You can set a time, and the string lights will automatically turn on / off, intelligent your life, and add a different color to life.

Now is the era of personalization; young people are pursuing fashion, personalized. The light string with the light controller can get your favorite color through the phone’s camera. Open the LED light controller APP, select the “color” function and point the phone’s camera head at your red flower, then your string light will change the same color as the flower.

string light connect LED controller

The LED controller connected to LED rope lights

LED rope lights are a kind of decorative light for outdoor use, used to decorate plants, houses, etc. When used with the Wifi LED controller, you can set the time to turn on/off the hose lights. For example, when you are on your way home, you can turn on the garden hose lights through your APP, and you can see from a distance that your garden is already lit up.

smart wifi led rope lights

LED controllers can connect not only different decorative lights but also different low-voltage products. A small LED controller can make your products smart, easy and convenient to use. We are a professional manufacturer of controllers in China, providing you with one-stop intelligent solutions.

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