How will 5G Boost Smart Home

How will 5G Boost Smart Home?

4G changes life, 5G changes society. Now 5G is undoubtedly the hottest concept, and all industries are focusing on the development of 5G. Compared with 4G, the arrival of 5G seems to bring a more significant impact. 5G is limited to smartphones, computers, and other products and the home appliances we often use in our daily lives, which are also affected by 5G, especially smart home. So, what impact does 5G bring to the smart home industry? For the smart home, and how to respond to this development trend?

5G technology

5G communication technology is faster in uploading and downloading than the 4G communication technology we are currently using, with a transmission speed of 10Gbit/s. Such a fast speed allows intelligent homes, such as smart LED lights bulb, smart LED strip lights, and LED strip controllers to quickly send commands to the cloud system and forward them to smart home devices.

Smart Home

For 8K TV is also breakthrough progress. In the 4G environment, the 8K TV screen will still appear lagging and other situations, indicating that the content transmission is still facing slow speed and other problems. The 5G transmission speed of 10Gbit/s will allow users to enjoy the visual feast brought by 8K TVs.

5G will become the core technology in the smart home field

The smart home is still in a relatively primary stage, and most of the smart home products are still “pseudo-intelligent.” The emergence of the 5G, 5G network, which can bring faster network speed, less delay, and more device access, will become the new driving force for the development of smart homes. On the one hand, the high-speed, highly stable, and fast-responding intelligent home industry has great demand for 5G, such as smart LED lights bulb, smart door locks, intelligent voice devices, intelligent switches, lighting, and other intelligent hardware. In general, the smart home will have the best chance to achieve strong development in the 5G era.

It is widely believed that 5G technology only makes the network speed faster, but the realization of 5G technology not only allows the transmission speed between smart homes to increase, but through its low latency characteristics, allows smart homes to react faster when linked, and to respond quickly to the user’s instructions, greatly improving the user’s sense of use.

For example, smart speakers (Alexa, Google Home) control the smart LED lights bulb and Wifi LED strip lights. 5G’s low latency allows intelligent speakers to receive commands and transmit the data to the cloud system. The cloud system will transfer the received commands to the smart LED lights bulb after calculation, and the chip inside the smart LED lights bulb will receive the “command” and make corresponding changes, such as on/off/on. Corresponding changes, such as on/off, adjusting the height, choosing the color, etc.

Smart Home with Wifi Bulbs

Smart products’ intelligence

5G technology allows smart homes to improve their ability to connect dramatically. When we use smartphones or intelligent speakers to give commands, we need to interact with intelligent products and get feedback through the speakers, and 5G technology accelerates this part. For the smart home, the most relied upon by users is limited to the construction of the home Internet of Things and the intelligent products themselves really “in place.”

For smart home devices, users, first of all, want to reduce the possibility of needing their own hands to operate through the intelligence of intelligent products. If the intelligence of the intelligent product itself does not bring convenience to the user, but its complexity discourages the user, that is the problem of the product itself.

Only the design of the smart home products themselves are humanized, intelligent, and then combined with 5G technology to win-win, to bring the user a convenient intelligent life.

For example, the LED strip Controller, our main LED chip has a new generation of highly integrated Wi-Fi and BLE combination functions. That is, dual-module, an intelligent controller embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, suitable for different scenarios. Before the technology was upgraded, only a WiFi LED dimmer controller or Bluetooth LED controller could be selected. Now the two modules are integrated, bringing great convenience to users.

We are looking forward to the arrival of 5G and are very interested in applying 5G communication technology in the smart home. But in the current situation, the penetration rate of smart home products in consumers’ homes is not too high, mainly with small-sized devices, such as smart speakers, smart switches, smart light bulbs, etc. And appliances such as large volume intelligent home products, because of their low frequency of updates, and high prices, intelligence is not enough to fully cover the intelligent home scene in the family.

How will 5G Boost Smart Home

Although there is now 5G technology, making consumers accept and use the smart home still faces significant difficulties. From the trend point of view, the smart home industry is still in the wind, but really whether consumers can accept and use smart home, in addition to the connectivity ability given by 5G, still need to start from the intelligence of the product. By improving the product experience and giving smart devices humanized needs, more users can accept them.

The convergence of 5G and AIoT brings disruptive change opportunities to the whole smart home industry. Intelligent home enterprises should follow the trend to do an excellent job in the layout of new products. On the other hand, to increase research and development, the product scene demands a variety of technology integration capabilities and functional service capabilities to improve the ability of enterprises themselves to cross-border competitiveness. The future is promising.

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