Beijing Winter Olympic

Intelligent technology for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open in grand style on February 4, 2022. Beijing will be the first city in history to host both the Summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games.

What “black technology” will Beijing bring us in this Winter Olympics?

The Beijing Winter Olympics will cover 5G signals, including all competition venues and connecting roads. 5G will speed up information dissemination and allow the event to have a more innovative form of presentation, and “bullet time” is one of the results.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will use “5G+8K”, a cloud broadcasting platform, VR viewing, and smart voice services to enhance the viewing experience. Audiences can apply a free perspective, 360 degrees at will to watch the game, and can be at any angle to achieve the screen stop, watching any athletes’ action. The organizers are committed to creating a “sense of technology and the future” of the Winter Olympics. In the epidemic situation, through a higher level of broadcast technology, more audiences feel the charm of winter sports.

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In order to epidemic needs, the Winter Olympics is equipped with “smart epidemic prevention officers.” they will be responsible for the reception in the Winter Olympic Village, such as the people entering without removing the mask. Within 1 second, they can complete the identification, Smart temperature measurement, and other eight inspection links. To improve the efficiency of message verification and enhance the speed of passage.

The automatic wake-up function of the “smart bed”

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In the Winter Olympic Village, athletes sleep on specially designed beds with memory foam mattresses adjusted according to personal habits. Each bed is equipped with a remote control that allows the bed to be adjusted to a sleeping and sitting position.

The mattress is equipped with a sensor inside to realize the massage function, zero pressure function, and automatic wake-up function. Just download the APP to set the alarm; the bed will automatically descend at the set time, the athlete will “wake up,” no longer worry about being late!

In addition, when the athlete snores while sleeping, the smart bed will adjust the height of the head after recognition, which can alleviate the snoring situation.

Smart Apartment

Each apartment is equipped with an independent air-conditioning system and a fresh air system to provide fresh air even when the windows are not open. In addition, more than ten functions, such as smart temperature control system, smart infrared sensor, and visual intercom, can be operated through the in-room controller.

In order to respond to unexpected situations and enhance the efficiency of emergency services, athletes’ chest name tags have an automatic call function, which can provide emergency services through one-touch calling, phone calls, and precise positioning on the platform.

After the above introduction, I believe you feel most interested in the smart bed with an alarm clock function. In fact, there are many ways to wake you up. For example, the smart LED light strip also has this function, and the cost is much lower than the smart bed.

Smart LED strip Lights

smart led strip lights

The smart LED strip lights is not as complicated as you think, you only need a LED strip light, an LED strip controller, and a power supply.

First, the light strip connected to the LED controller and then connected to the power supply can be used. It is simple and convenient.

timer LED strip lights

To achieve the alarm clock function, you have to download the APP and set the timing function in the APP. The smart strip light was installed under the bed and will be light up every day.

Every morning there is a warm light to wake you up and carry out a good day.
Start your smart life with a smart light strip.

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