AI for the Tokyo Olympics

Intelligent technology for the Tokyo Olympics

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has delayed Tokyo Olympics, which were supposed to be held in 2020, by one year. The opening ceremony of the 32nd Summer Olympics was held in Tokyo on July 23, under the gloom of COVID-19.

This year’s Olympics still had many highlights. Such as the specially built robot village; the venue support robots that assisted the operations staff in carrying discus and chain ball throws. The AI gymnastics judges and intelligent scoring system; the self-driving fleet of vehicles that provided contactless travel for athletes and coaches; and more, presenting a different kind of Olympics for a global audience in the absence of spectators.

AI for the Tokyo Olympics

Artificial intelligence is everywhere.

As the country of robots, Japan showed a lot of robot technology in this Olympic Games. These innovations may be able to change the course of the Olympic Games.

To improve the efficiency of security and athlete services, Japan has set up a special robot service team. Cleaning robots, multilingual guide robots, security robots, communication robots, robots with various functions were put into the Olympic Village, which became a beautiful scenery in the Olympic Village.

For example, the venue support robot can help transport heavy competition equipment such as discus and chain ball. The robot can easily avoid roadblocks, minimize damage to the turf during transportation, and automatically return to its starting position.

The “delivery robot” developed by Toyota has a box above it that can hold 12 kg of items. With it, athletes or coaches can carry their bags as if they had an extra “butler” and put their belongings in it, so they can go lightly without worrying about their luggage.

delivery robot

The “human support robots” and “delivery robots” that assist in carrying luggage are just the tip of the iceberg of the robot army in the Olympic Village. When the Tokyo Organizing Committee decided to build the event with technological elements, robots and artificial intelligence are destined to become the main force behind the services of the Games.

human support robots

Smart Olympics

In the Tokyo Olympic Games, it is not only are athletes from all countries sweating like rain and competing for gold medals but new technologies. Fox example wearable technology and artificial intelligence technology have crept in and become a powerful force to push athletes to achieve further success.

This Olympic Games track and field will appear for the first time “3D athlete tracking technology”. It can provide data on the athlete’s speed, body angle, acceleration, stride length, etc., within seconds to achieve data extraction of the athlete’s 3D form, which is the information that athletes and coaches could not capture with the naked eye the past. The technology is a good record for athletes’ training and a new way of broadcasting – analyzing, interpreting, and reviewing the highlights of the competition in instant replay, which can bring a brand new experience for Olympic viewers.

The International Gymnastics Federation introduced artificial intelligence (AI) technology scoring aid system developed by Fujitsu, Japan. The system tracks the competitors’ movements by projecting infrared light onto and around their bodies and converts them into three-dimensional images in real-time. Based on the images, the AI can analyze subtle movements such as body rotations and twists and combine past competition data to determine the degree of technical completion by scoring standards. Through technology, the athletes on the field of play will be provided with fairer and more just reference data, reflecting the principle of fair competition.

artificial intelligence

After introducing the intelligent black technology of the Tokyo Olympics, many people can’t help but feel that it would be perfect if they had such an intelligent robot around them.

These intelligent inventions with high technological content may seem unrepeatable, but did you know? Some smart devices have penetrated our lives. For example, smart light bulbs, smart LED controllers, smart plugs, etc., to bring convenience to our lives.

Understand the “human” light bulb

Have you ever thought about a small light bulb can understand your words?

It can also be sent by your command to perform.

Ten years ago, you may feel incredible, but now you only need to pay a dozen dollars to achieve it.

Listen to the “human” light bulb. What black technology? The following is for you to reveal its black technology.

Smart light bulb built-in a smart module, this smart module inside the chip equivalent to the human brain.

When the smart light bulb is connected to voice devices, such as ALEXA, Google Home, etc., the user to voice devices to issue instructions, this command will be converted into a data stream, through the network to the cloud of the smart control center. After calculation and analysis, and then sent through the network in the smart light bulb module chip, the light bulb will be according to the command “action.”

Smart Home with Wifi Bulbs

The smart chip will record all kinds of data, such as switching time, light color, scene mode, light brightness and other data. These data will be transmitted back to the cloud intelligent control center, which the user can view at any time.

“Alexa, Turn on the light” This is the smart light bulb that can understand the “human” black technology.

With the new epidemic still raging around the world, the World Health Organization is calling for social distance, no touching objects, clean hands, and so on. In this case, we all need a light bulb can understand the “human” language.

When you back home, you don’t have to fumble with the buttons in the dark; you can say, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” and the Alexa light bulb will come on. This can avoid touching the buttons of the switch, bringing home the outside germs, and protecting the health of the family.

The smart LED controller that can be controlled remotely

Have you ever wanted to be in the United States but can control the lights in your home in China?

With the smart LED strip controller connected to the strip lights, this function can be fully realized. As long as users download the Magic Home Pro app, they can remotely control the controller in their home in China via their smartphones. All this is made possible by the powerful cloud-based system. After sending a command through the smartphone, the intelligent control center of the cloud system receives the command and then transmits the command to the chip inside the controller after data analysis, and the light strip will be executed according to the command.

12V Pixel Controller

Whether in the Olympics or at home, smart technology is changing our lives at an unprecedented rate. Let’s enjoy the convenience and innovative experience of technology and continue to cheer for the Olympic athletes fighting in Tokyo.

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