5730 led strip lights

Is it worth getting RGB LED strip lights?

The RGB LED strip lights is an efficient ambient light. It can play a significant role of auxiliary lighting, etc., Example: living room, watching TV only on the strip, both to avoid the screen is too bright shake eyes and avoid the visible light on the screen reflection.

In the bathroom concealed strip of light, if you do not need to look at the phone, you will feel very comfortable and relaxed, or bedroom bed to a concealed strip of light. Using LED strip light controller, not only can dimming, but also can switch the color of the RGB LED strip lights at will. You can imagine how much such a design is comfortable.

light strip for home

The RGB LED strip lights is not only the lighting requirements but also a decorative role. The light can enhance the overall space of the hierarchy and give a certain mood for the space. In the designer’s eyes, the RGB LED strip lights is the most common lighting, but also the most worthy of the use of lighting decoration. It emits a soft light is all the lights have no way to compare, with a hazy sense of beauty, instantly enhance the space class.

As lighting fill light, the color of the LED strip and the primary indoor light source with each other can make the home brighter. Matching the smart LED controller, you can choose the RGB LED strip lights’s color at will, and the home will feel warmer.

LED Light Controller DC5-28V

Can I cut RGB LED strip lights?

12V LED strip light is usually a series-parallel circuit structure with 3 LEDs as a group. Every three-light bead as a group, there is a “scissors” sign between the group and the group, which means it can be cut off here, and after cutting, it can still light up when connected to the power supply.

cutting strip lights

Is the cool white or warm white lights better for the eyes?

If the workplace is the office, white light is good for the eyes. For the bedroom, the warm light is better. Warm light is closer to daylight, and the color rendering is better.

In the case of reading, choose 4000K color temperature (yellowish, soft white) best; 4000 K color temperature reading is the best for the eyes.

2700K color temperature to a higher brightness to see things clearly; 6500K is a cold white, appears brighter, but the eyes are easily fatigued over time.

Use different colors to use with different scenes. The ideal way is to use a light source and then switch to a different color temperature. Such as Led strip, only need a LED strip, and a matching LED strip controller can pick different colors, different color temperatures to use, convenient and straightforward, and very environmental protection and energy saving.

The difference between low-voltage LED strip and high-voltage strip
Specification and length

Low-voltage strip light, the use of more 12V and 24V; low-voltage strip lighting due to the thin substrate, through the current capacity is relatively weak, so most 12V flexible LED strip light is 5 meters. If the use of the scene requires a very long strip, you need to connect multiple LED strips lighting.

The high-voltage LED strip is mostly 110V/220V; the 110V LED strip length can be continuous 100 meters. High-voltage strip lighting power will be relatively high, and 1 meter strip lights can be met 1000 LM, or even 1500 LM.

5730 led strip lights

Cutting length

When the low-voltage LED strip needs to be cut, watch the cutout mark on the surface. There is a scissors mark on every small section of the 12V LED light strip.

A high-voltage light strip, generally speaking, is 1 meter where you can cut; some are 2 meters can be cut. But do not cut from the middle (need to cut the whole meter). Otherwise, the whole group of lights will not light.Usage Scenarios
The 12V flexible LED strip is simply to use. After tearing off the protective paper, you can stick it in narrow places, such as bookcases, display cabinets, wardrobe, etc.
110V flexible LED strips are generally paired with clips to fix the installation, and high-voltage LED strips are used in higher positions, where people can not touch, such as the ceiling light slot, pay attention to the use of 110V light strip have a protective cover.

Choice of driver

Low-voltage light strip in the installation must be installed in advance DC power drive, and after the installation of the DC power drive to debug, until the debugging voltage and low-voltage light strip requirements are consistent before you can use

For high-voltage strip lights, the factory is usually directly configured before shipping the driver. Connected to a 110V or 220V power supply can usually work.

General high-voltage LED light strips have strobe, so choose the right driver. A high-voltage driver can drive it, the general factory can be directly configured, connected to a power supply of two hundred and twenty volts can work properly.

Low-voltage RGB LED light strip are more durable than high-voltage RGB LED light strip

The lifespan of low-voltage RGB LED strip lights will technically be 50,000-100,000 hours. High-voltage RGB LED strip because of the high voltage, heat generation per unit length than low-voltage LED strip, which directly affects the life of high-voltage LED strip, generally speaking, the life of high-voltage in about 10,000 hours.


According to the different scenes, choosing a different strip of light, through the light to create the atmosphere, can well improve the taste and style of the home. Create a comfortable and warm atmosphere conducive to improving the happiness of living.

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