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Light Up a Different Life with Smart Light Bulbs

With the development of society, people no longer stay in the stage of just having it. From clothing, food, housing, and transportation, people pursue personalization and customization, from clothes customization to car customization, etc., which shows people’s pursuit of personalization everywhere.

Clothes can be customized by size, by design, by color. Have you ever thought that the original lighting can be customized. Is it break your perception? Today I would like to introduce you to how to customize your lights to light up a different life.

Customizing your light, light up a different life, is not a luxury; you just need a smart light bulb. Smart light bulbs have more functions than ordinary light bulbs, and it is no longer just light bulb. Smart LED light bulbs break your perception of light bulbs, and powerful functions all make you shout, “oh, My God!”

“Oh, My God”, people who have used the smart light bulbs invariably send the same words.

Smart Home with Wifi Bulbs

16 million colors for options

You read it right. A smart color light bulbs provides 16 million colors for your option. Through the phone’s APP, slide on the color panel, pick out your favorite color. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple.

Choose light colors with your phone’s lens

If 16 million colors are not enough for you, choose colors through your phone’s lens. In the smart light bulbs APP, open the phone’s camera lens, point it at the red rose, and the light color of the smart color light bulbs will become the same color as the rose, creating an atmosphere for you.

Do not like the red roses, then the phone’s camera lens to the blue sky. Instantly, you will be the outdoor blue sky “moved” to your home. This is where you can’t help but say “Oh My God” again!

Let the smart light bulbs be your “Alarm Clock.”

Are you tired of starting each day with a noisy bell?
It’s not a dream to wake up to soft, warm sunlight in the spring, facing the sea. The powerful timing function of the smart LED light bulbs can realize this dream.

Through the smartphone’s APP timing function, in the smart light bulbs App, set the daily light on time, then you can wake up every day through the morning.

Remote control of your smart light bulbs

Whether you are in the office or far away from the other side of the world, you can control your smart color light bulbs with your smartphone, and never worry about whether the smart LED bulb at home is off or not.

When you are far away, you can turn on/off the smart LED bulb regularly every day so that people think someone is at home, so you won’t be afraid of burglars sneaking into your home. A small smart LED bulb can bring a different intelligent experience to your life, so smart LED light bulbs you deserve to have.

Voice-controlled smart light bulbs

Smart LED bulbs can be controlled by your phone and voice after connecting Alexa and google home. In the cold winter, in the warm blanket, you just say “turn on the light” to Alexa. The smart LED bulb receives the voice command and turns it off.

The smart color LED bulb has other functions, such as music sync. It is like a treasure that you need to explore slowly.

In addition to smart light bulbs, smart LED floodlights, smart downlights, etc., all with similar functions. Creating your exclusive light in daily life with smart products.

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