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What is An Addressable LED Strip

What is An Addressable LED Strip

I am afraid that no one can give a perfect answer to what is the best LED strip. A perfect LED strip needs to be considered from different aspects, and different light strips have different functions and usage. This article introduces addressable LED strip to have a better understanding of

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Trends You Need To Know Smart Light Bulb

Trends You Need to Know Smart Light Bulbs

The concept of smart home has been around for many years, and when Zuckerberg showed his artificial intelligence in the video, many people had the urge to buy themselves a smart home. In fact, when you really go to find some smart home products want to experience only to find

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How to choose the best LED strip lights

What LED strip lights are the best?

LED Strip lights are a kind of widely used decorative lights, also liked by many customers. Many customers in the procurement of light strips, the quality of light strips know very little, in order to let you have a complete understanding of LED strip lights, As a professional light strips

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Beijing Winter Olympic

Intelligent technology for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open in grand style on February 4, 2022. Beijing will be the first city in history to host both the Summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games. What “black technology” will Beijing bring us in this Winter Olympics? The Beijing Winter Olympics will

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smart light bulbs google

Full Guide of Smart Lighting for 2022

Smart light bulbs are one of the most popular and widely used smart home devices on the market today. Industry insiders expect the market for smart lighting to reach $10.52 billion in sales by 2023. These figures suggest that the smart lighting market will see strong growth in the next

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WIFI Technology

The Advantages of WIFI Technology in Smart Home 2022

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, home automation, intelligence, and other technologies, wireless communication technology, which has the advantages of mobility, flexibility, and easy expandability, has gradually become a mainstream technology in smart home. In the application of smart home, there are more kinds of wireless communication

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smart control

The Guide of Smart Light Bulbs 2022

What is smart light bulb? Smart light bulbs are a smart home product that is a model of technology-led living. Smart light bulbs are an advanced way to light up your home. Through APP, Alexa and Google Home, you can control your smart lights automatically or control them from thousands

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WiFli Light bulbs

4 things you know about WiFi Light Bulbs

Smart Light bulbs are among the numerous smart products. One of the most well-known products first appeared in 2012 Philips released “HUE”, which can be controlled remotely through the smartphone APP, which became one of the most popular technology products. With the progress of technology, many traditional manufacturers have also

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RGB LED Controller

How are LED strips controlled?

LED strip lights are decorative lights assembled with many LEDs on a ribbon FPC or PCB board and then connected to a power supply to emit light. The flexible LED strip lights are a widely used decorative light source, which can be used for both commercial and home decoration. In

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Why do LED light strips heat up

Why do LED Light Strips Heat Up?

The LED light strips is a very popular decorative light, widely used indoor and outdoor. When using and installing LED light strips, we need to pay attention to many places, and if not correctly installed, it will lead to the heat of the LED light strips. The following is to

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