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smart LED strip lights

Take Control of Your LED Strip Lights with the Surplife APP

Introduction The lighting industry is rapidly embracing LED technology as the way of the future due to its energy efficiency, customization potential, and longevity. One especially versatile LED product that exemplifies these benefits is LED Strip Lights – sleek, flexible LED strips that provide perfect accent and task lighting. To

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How to voice control you LED strip though Surplife APP

How to Voice Control you LED Strip with Surplife APP

Voice control makes LED strips easier to use. Instead of small remotes or apps on your phone, you use your voice. This means you can change the lights without your hands. Just say commands out loud to turn the lights on, make them brighter, or change the color. Voice control

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48V RGBW LED Controller

How to Choose the Pixel LED Controller for Permanent Outdoor Lights Project

The importance of choosing the right Pixel LED Controller for Permanent Outdoor Lights. When undertaking any permanent outdoor lighting project, selecting the appropriate pixel LED controller is a pivotal decision that underpins the entire endeavor. As the central nervous system that controls LED behavior, the controller regulates key functions like

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How to the Surplife LED controller connect to Amazon Alexa

How to the Surplife LED controller connect to Amazon Alexa?

Take hands-free control of Surplife smart lighting with Alexa assistance. This guide covers linking your device, unlocking voice commands, and customizing your ambience through conversational AI. Controlling lights with your voice may sound like science fiction. But with Alexa integration, adjusting Surplife bulbs, LED strips, and fixtures is as easy

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2024 Best Pixel led Controller for Permanent Outdoor Lights Solution

2024 Best Pixel LED controller for Permanent Outdoor Lights Solution

Introduction The evolving landscape of outdoor lighting solutions. Outdoor lighting has come a long way from the days of stringing up some floodlights and calling it good. Homeowners and businesses now have access to an ever-expanding array of innovative and customizable outdoor illumination that can transform landscapes into vibrant works

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How to Choose the Best WiFi LED Controller for Permanent Outdoor Lights

As an industry-leading manufacturer specializing in advanced LED lighting controls for over a decade, we understand how to unlock the full potential of permanent outdoor lighting systems. Equipped with rigorous in-house engineering, custom manufacturing operations adhering to the highest certifications, and an exceptional support team, we are poised to deliver

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