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RGB LED Controller

How are LED strips controlled?

LED strip lights are decorative lights assembled with many LEDs on a ribbon FPC or PCB board and then connected to a power supply to emit light. The flexible LED strip lights are a widely used decorative light source, which can be used for both commercial and home decoration. In

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Why do LED light strips heat up

Why do LED Light Strips Heat Up?

The LED light strips is a very popular decorative light, widely used indoor and outdoor. When using and installing LED light strips, we need to pay attention to many places, and if not correctly installed, it will lead to the heat of the LED light strips. The following is to

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What kind of Smart Home Products Would you like to have

What kind of Smart Home Products Would you like to have?

Smart home products are becoming more and more popular, and many manufacturers have launched different products to meet the market’s needs. Such as Smart light bulbs, Smart Plug, Smart lock and so on. Today, we will tell you which smart home products can enhance our lives and bring convenience. A

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addressable LED strips

How to Control Addressable LED Strips with Pixel LED Controller?

With the continuous progress of technology and the rapid development of information technology, the combination of automatic control technology and LED intelligent lighting systems is slowly penetrating our daily life. Smart lighting is mainly through the Internet of Things technology to connect a variety of lamps and lanterns, can be

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wifi addressable led strip

The Guide of Addressable LED Strip

What is an Addressable LED strip Addressable LED strip is single-point control using constant current IC; each pixel has an IC chip. Each pixel can change color and brightness in the whole system, thus forming rich running effects such as running horse, flowing water, meteor trailing, scanning, etc. Addressable LED

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decorate Christmas

Customize Your Christmas by Smart LED Strip Lights

In the previous article, we introduced the customization of your life through smart products. Smart products play an important role in daily life and can customize an unforgettable memory during the holiday season. Christmas is coming, and everyone is planning to decorate their homes to welcome it. How can Christmas

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smart light bulbs

Light Up a Different Life with Smart Light Bulbs

With the development of society, people no longer stay in the stage of just having it. From clothing, food, housing, and transportation, people pursue personalization and customization, from clothes customization to car customization, etc., which shows people’s pursuit of personalization everywhere. Clothes can be customized by size, by design, by

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LED Lights

8 Advantages of LED lights

LED lights have entered millions of homes, including LED light bulbs, LED Strip Lights, LED flood lights, etc. LED lights are becoming more and more popular, so if you haven’t given up using your incandescent lights yet, here are the benefits of LED lights for you. Analyze the advantages of

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5730 led strip lights

Is it worth getting RGB LED strip lights?

The RGB LED strip lights is an efficient ambient light. It can play a significant role of auxiliary lighting, etc., Example: living room, watching TV only on the strip, both to avoid the screen is too bright shake eyes and avoid the visible light on the screen reflection. In the

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