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LED Light Controller DC5-28V

RGB LED controller

An RGB LED controller is required to operate RGB LED strips. RGB LED controllers are connected between the LED power supply unit and the RBG LED strip and take over the color management for this strip. The individual channels, red, green, and blue are controlled separately via PWM signal. Almost

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How does dimmer work?

We are often asked about the subject of “dimming LED lamps and LED strip lights“. How LED Controllers can conveniently control with an LED remote control or a mobile phone app. That’s why we want to go into a little more detail in this article.  1.Dimming of LEDs2.What types of dimming are there?3.How

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smart home

What advantages you can benefit from Smart Lighting

Artificial intelligence is available for every living area, whether it be household appliances, entertainment or the security concept for your own four walls. But as a smart home newcomer, does it make sense to deal directly with each area and possibly lose the overview with the multitude of options? It’s

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wifi strip lights

How to connect LED strip lights to LED Controller

This is a detailed all-inclusive guide on set up the color change (RGB) strip lights with the LED Controller. It has everything you need to know about how to set up the strip lights with LED Controller. It also points out the common mistakes that many people would make. It

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Smart Home with Downlight

2021 Smart Lighting

If you are starting to know the field of home automation and want to try something new, you should start with Intelligent Lighting or Smart Lighting.The easiest way is to buy accessories or specialized Smart Home devices for certain tasks. Don’t worry if you have no idea what smart lighting

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Smart Home guide

Smart Home Guide

In smart homes, technology takes over most of your security, comfort, and energy efficiency tasks so that your only concern at home is to enjoy yourself. Smart homes make the day-to-day more bearable and give you back one of the most precious goods, time. But, although the world of home

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Strip lights

Which LED remote control fits to my LED strips?

First of all, we have to distinguish between monochrome LED stripes, which are either warm white, cool white, blue, yellow, green, red or amber, and RGB or RGBW LED strips. RGB LED strips to shine in the 3 basic colors red, green, and blue. With it all between colors like

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Smart Lighting Global Market Insights

Smart Lighting Global Market Insights

Smart Lighting Market size estimated at over USD 7.5 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% from 2019 to 2025.             The smart lighting market is driven by stringent government regulations across the globe to restrict the

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