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Smart Home

A Guide to LED light controller

If you want to create a smart lighting solution in your home, you can use a standard lighting switch to control the lights in your room. But a smart lighting system allows you to turn on lights or even adjust the intensity of lights by using your smartphone. A light

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LED Light Controller

Top 7 Things You Should Know About Light Controller

The market for light controllers has exploded over the past few years thanks to a combination of high-tech and low-tech advances. The light controller is a new home automation gadget. It can monitor home lighting, provide light control, automatic light turning on/off, energy saving, etc. A smart light controller is

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Bluetooth LED Controllers and Dimmers

Bluetooth LED Controller Guide for Smart Home

As we all know, smart homes are on the rise. This guide overviews the various options available for controlling your home lights and appliances through Bluetooth technology. A perfect Bluetooth LED controller for your smart home. As the market of IoT (Internet of things) gets bigger, the need for more

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bluetooth light controlle

Quick Guide: RGB Bluetooth LED Controller

Christmas lights are important decorations; at Christmas, parties are used indoors, garden, etc., to increase the festive atmosphere. Another of the most common uses is to decorate the Christmas tree or set it up in a variety of other relaxed places through the flashing change of light to enhance the

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LED Controller

Development trend of smart LED controller

Smart LED controller is mainly used for lighting energy-saving control, which uses LoRa/NB IoT communication. LED Controller can be used for dimmable LED drive power or dimmable electronic ballast to provide remote switching and dimming control to achieve intelligent control of lighting equipment,such as smart lighting switch, light dimmer, wireless

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addressable pixel light strip

The difference between 2835 strip lights and 5050 strip lights

LED Strip light refers to the LED beads with special processing technology soldered on top of the copper wire or flexible circuit board and then connected to the power supply light. The strip lights are shaped like light strip when illuminated and gets their name. The range of available light

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Features and Functions of Smart Home

The Features and Functions of Smart Home

There is no doubt that the smart home has become an important factor in driving the development of IoT. All kinds of smart home service providers or manufacturers have seized this business opportunity and formed their special products. Today, we would like to introduce the features of the smart home.

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RGB Strip lights

Key Benefits of LED Strip Lights

The first thing you need to consider is how much light you require. If you live in an area with lots of natural sunlight during the summer months, there’s no real reason to invest in LED strips, as they’ll be redundant. However, if you work from home most days of

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Bluetooth technology application and selection

Bluetooth technology application and selection

With the continuous progress and development of technology, the IoT technology continues to spread; Bluetooth communication technology as a wireless transmission method, the application is extensive. Bluetooth is mainly divided into Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 2.0 is the traditional Bluetooth, the transmission of the ordinary data stream,

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