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7 Places are Suitable for the Installation of LED Strip Lights

Indoor lighting is usually divided into two kinds of direct light sources and indirect light sources. Direct light sources of light are stronger, such as LED Bulb, mainly for lighting. Indirect light sources, such as LED Strip Lights, are weaker, increasing the sense of hierarchy and atmosphere mainly, lighting as a supplement.

Reasons for installing LED Strip Lights

. Auxiliary lighting increases the indoor environment light.

As supplemental lighting light, the color of the LED Strip Lights and the primary indoor light source with each other can make the home brighter. As long as you choose the right color of the LED Strip Lights, the home must feel warmer.

. Reveal the outline of space and make the design more layered.

When the LED Strip Lights are installed, their outline can increase the sense of hierarchy of the interior environment. With the good shape of the RGB LED Strip Lights, the simple structure of the house will also have a stunning effect, which can be said to be a small makeup art of the house!

. The combination of light strips and shelves, practical and good-looking

In the home, the following seven places are suitable for the installation of LED Strip Lights to increase the atmosphere.

Shoe cabinet
It is a good idea to set up the Smart LED strip lights on the bottom of the shoe cabinet. The strip lights turn on their own when we go home in the dark at night.

warm white strip lights


LED strips are installed inside the cabinet to increase the light source, and the clever combination of shelves can weaken the sense of space closed enclosed, fully rendering the exquisite and stylish interior atmosphere

cabinet strip lights

Kitchen cabinets

Although the top of the kitchen is installed with large lights, the night cooking will be shadow-blocking cutting and frying is very inconvenient. The installation of LED tape lights under the hanging cabinets as cabinet lights can save these worries and increase cooking warmth.

warm led stirp lights

Living room ceiling

LED lighting ceiling strips along the ceiling curve around, and translucent light refraction with open space will make the whole living room brighter. Installing LED lighting ceiling strips in the recess of the TV back wall can enhance the three-dimensional sense of space; even simple lines can show different dynamic beauty.

RGB Smart LED strip lights


Lighting design is like makeup for the interior; it can make the space look elegant and light and highlight the level of space; warm white LED strip lights design will make the bedroom warmer. In the bedroom bedside installation of LED lighting can not only beautify the bedroom but can also serve as a night light.


The bathroom wall around LED strip lighting installation is a very trendy practice, both beautiful and straightforward, and easier to highlight the personality and style. The bathroom mirror around the LED strip can create an atmosphere but also to provide basic lighting needs.

led tape lights


The layout of the RGB light strip at the stairs is very clever, or the ground below the steps to do a narrow type of hollowing treatment, the RGB light strip will be placed in order to meet the light needs of the entire staircase. Installed in the staircase handrail under the RGB light strip effectively solves the lighting problem in the dark stairwell. It makes the bright space brighter, with the magic of guiding vision.

lights strip

New room decoration, in addition to the ceiling, can be used with light strips. In fact, the walls of the home, such as some storage on the shelves can be used with light strips to create a very textured atmosphere, absolutely high value!

Installing light strips in different parts of the home, although beautiful, adds a different atmosphere; if a strip of light uses a different remote control, it is very inconvenient. Therefore, it is recommended to use smart LED strip lights, The smart LED strip lights are divided into WiFi LED strip lights and Bluetooth LED strip lights, according to their needs to choose.

wifi led strip lights

The LED strip lights connected to the WiFi LED controller can play its smart function; that is, the WiFi LED controller is the most core smart device. Instead of controlling the strip, it is better to control this WiFi LED controller.

Each light strip installed in your home is connected to the WiFi LED controller; you can use a smartphone to control all the light strips at the same time.

For example, if you have a light strip in 5 places in your house, you can control the light strips in all 5 areas at the same time on your smartphone. You want to go to the bathroom; then you can use your phone to turn on the smart LED strip lights installed in the bathroom in advance while you are in the living room.

There is a party at home, to meet the lively atmosphere, change the smart stirp lights to a different color, or follow the rhythm of the party music for the color.

When you are holding something with both hands, you can speak to Alexa or Google Home “turn on the bedroom lights”; The WiFi LED controller receives the command, the smart LED strip lights will automatically turn on. And you can also send voice instructions to adjust the height of the strip, color, etc., completely free your hands.

These smart features are made possible by a LED controller with an embedded WIFI chip. Bluetooth LED controller is also the same working principle, through the built-in Bluetooth chip, using the Bluetooth function of the smartphone to control the lights.

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