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Quick Guide: RGB Bluetooth LED Controller

Christmas lights are important decorations; at Christmas, parties are used indoors, garden, etc., to increase the festive atmosphere. Another of the most common uses is to decorate the Christmas tree or set it up in a variety of other relaxed places through the flashing change of light to enhance the sense of softness and comfort.

The various Christmas lights currently on the market are relatively single functions. The Bluetooth-based development solution is easy to operate and can realize the APP control of Christmas lights and customize the brightness, color, timing, and other functions to make the Christmas lights shine.

RGB Bluetooth LED Controller

RGB Bluetooth LED Controller is a low-power Bluetooth controller for Christmas lights and LED Strip lights, which is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 low-power protocol (BLE) and can be used with APP to control light strings via smartphone. It uses four programmable PWM outputs to achieve dimming functions, allowing Bluetooth 4.0 technology to replace traditional manual switches in smartphones or other mobile terminals.

APP Control

Mini Bluetooth LED Controller dedicated APP sends commands to the Bluetooth control module, which response to the corresponding control command mode and operation, such as the flashing mode of the light, the brightness of the light, the color selection, etc.

Features of RGB Bluetooth LED Controller

Ultra-low power consumption, low-carbon, Bluetooth LED controller built-in Bluetooth module, according to the low-power standard, standby loss is extremely low, with APP control, energy saving, and environmental protection.

mini bluetooth LED controller

Through the APP, the color of Christmas lights can be changed freely. There are 16 million colors for options, adding different colors for Christmas lights.

A smartphone can be paired with multiple sets of Christmas lights simultaneously, such as the Christmas lights switch, height adjustment, and timing function.

Multiple sets of Christmas lights can be controlled at the same time, and the lights can pulsate to the rhythm of the music.

After several years of development, the relevant technology has matured in smart homes, and the market of intelligent lighting products can also be seen everywhere. And for smart Christmas lights, a good set of Bluetooth programs can lead the market and win more market share.

Bluetooth occupies a pivotal position in the field of short-range wireless communication. Low-power Bluetooth has the advantages of intelligent connection, low current consumption in idle mode, low cost, and so on. The current main smartphones are embedded with low-power Bluetooth, which is easy to use, widespread and popular, making Bluetooth LED controllers more popular in the Christmas lights industry.


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