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When I was young, I was afraid of the dark. I would tuck myself under layers of bedsheets and wrap myself into a cocoon, desperately trying to hide from the monster under my bed. Oh, only if I could summon dancing lights at my fingertips that would light up this dark, scary night…

Like most people, you probably have a long-lost childhood dream of magic and fantasy hidden somewhere in the depths of your memories. With the advancement modern technology, this dream is no longer distant nor a mere fantasy – smart home technology employs Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve home automation. This means that all the electronic devices at home, not just computers and smartphones, can all send you information and take your commands. Your TV, lights, cameras, windows, and kitchen appliances can now understand and respond to your requests!
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It is a magical dream that has brought us together to explore the field of IoT

One Smart Lighting Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that incorporates research and development (R&D), product manufacturing, and sale services. Initially, we started off by developing LED controllers, and from there, we have expanded to create a full series of products. After further technological development, we successfully developed the mini smart LED controller series. Our new products were extremely well received in the industry. Our sales soon topped the charts of the LED Strip Lights Controller market. Soon after, our products gained widespread recognition by customers at home and abroad, resulting in a rapid expansion of market share.

Our dedication to product quality stems from the dedication to dreams

Our R&D process is the driving force of the business. Throughout the arduous journey of R&D, we have always been dedicated to the core spirit of innovation and creativity. Over the years, we have won over customers with personalized service and excellent quality. This is an embodiment of our business philosophy “Customer first, Quality first”. All our products have obtained certifications that include but are not limited to CE, ROHS, FCC, and UL.

Let us take a closer look at our top selling smart LED controller…

The smart LED controller uses a microcontroller (MCU) chip or digital signal processor (DSP) chip as its core and contains analog and digital electronic circuits within. The LED lights Controller is programmed with specialized computer software to meet individual needs and achieve specific functions.

Our smart LED controllers are categorized by the use of WiFi or Bluetooth.
WiFi LED controller: These controllers have embedded WiFi modules that are able to communicate with the local WiFi network through household wireless routers. You can use a smartphone APP to control your strip lights. Because different strip lights use different colours, there are different LED Strip Lights Controller for each type of strip lights colour combination, which includes single color LED controllers, RGB LED controllers, RGBW LED controllers, RGBWW LED controllers, and Pixel LED controllers. Strip lights should be linked to the corresponding type of controller based on their colour combination, i.e., RBG LED strip lights should be linked to RBG LED strip controllers.

After the WiFi controller is connected to the strip lights, it needs to be powered by a low-voltage power source. Our LED Strip Lights Controllers are available with voltage requirements of 5-28V, 9-28V, and 12-24V. Once the system is set up, you can a scan QR code to download an APP so that you are able to digitally control your lighting as you please.

WiF Wireless Controller

Bluetooth LED controller: Almost every smartphone these days has a Bluetooth connection. This opens up a lot of potential for incorporating Bluetooth technology in other electronic devices. We have developed a series of Bluetooth LED controllers, including mini Led strip Bluetooth controller, Bluetooth Mesh Controller, high-voltage LED controllers, smart hub, Bluetooth Mesh Smart Touch Panel Remote Controller, etc. By using a simple smartphone APP, you can control LED lighting through Bluetooth. This type of Bluetooth LED controller does not need WiFi connection. If you wish to control you strip lights by voice (via Alexa or Google home) remotely, then consider purchasing one of our smart hub to do so.

When Bluetooth configuration and transmission control protocols are integrated into a single chip, the use of star network and relay technology allows each network to connect to over 65,000 nodes. With the interconnection of networks, countless Bluetooth smart devices can all be controlled by a single smartphone or tablet. In short, Bluetooth technology utilizes its powerful mesh network transmission features to achieve home automation. Now you can conveniently access your home lighting features in every corner with a couple of taps on your phone screen. You also have the liberty of managing individual lights and lamps separately.

It is possible to set up different zones with Bluetooth Mesh network. Each zone can support the connection of up to 64 devices. Using a smartphone APP, you can easily switch control zones to access different appliances. Based on this principle, Bluetooth Mesh network can connect to unlimited devices. The utilization of mesh network also significantly increases Bluetooth signal coverage, overcoming the weakness of limited short-distance signal transmission associated with traditional Bluetooth technology. This allows you to control your home lighting whenever you want to at a much further distance.
Bluetooth Music LED Controller

Both WiFi LED Controller and Bluetooth LED controllers can be linked to traditional strip lights to achieve automation. These options are very convenient and environment friendly as there is no need to replace any light fixtures. Lighting up your room with your fingertips is no longer a fantasy!

Smart lights are the foundation of “light magic”

“Alexa, turn on the lights!”

Imagine if chanting a spell immediately summons “light magic” – this again is not a childhood dream, in fact, it can be realized with smart light bulbs. They are produced by adding smart control functions onto traditional light bulbs with innovative technology. Smart LED bulbs can be categorized based on whether they require WiFi or Bluetooth.

WiFi LED light bulbs: These smart light bulbs come in different wattages and screw bases (E27/B22/E26) based on national standards to suit the needs of different customers. They are easy to install. You can adjust brightness, colour temperature and light hues through voice commands. Smart dimming can also be done through a smartphone APP by simply sliding left or right. The APP also includes a default number of lighting scenes. “Scenes” are lighting configurations that are tailored towards different settings such as watching movies, nighttime reading, or dinner parties, etc. Using this function, you can effectively set up your preferred mood lighting with a single tap on your smartphone APP without adjusting each lighting parameter individually.
smart light bulb

Bluetooth LED light bulbs: There are different types of Bluetooth smart lights that use Bluetooth technology, including Smart LED downlights, Bluetooth LED floodlights, and Bluetooth candle lights. Bluetooth LED light bulbs do not rely on the individual connection of bulbs to a router; instead, these bulbs connect with each other and the user through Bluetooth MESH network. After installing Bluetooth MESH modules into LED lights, you can use your smartphones to connect with any LED light within the Bluetooth mesh network and manipulate all the linked smart bulbs through our designated APP. This greatly reduces the traffic within the local WiFi router.

Using our smart hub, it is possible for you to remotely control your home lighting through Amazon Alexa or Google Home with simple verbal commands. With the right technology setup, anyone can summon “light magic” with a short incantation.
smart led flood lights

Smart Plug

To bring smart home technology and automation into each household, we have launched a series of multi-functional Smart plugs to transform ordinary home appliances into smart appliances. After installing WiFi modules into Wifi plug, no matter where you are, you can control any electronic appliance at home with a smartphone APP. This not only takes away the anxiety of forgetting to turn off the TV before leaving home, but also gives you the comfort of turning on the appliances you need before getting home. For example, once your humidifier, air-conditioner or rice cooker is plugged into WiFi smart socket, you can turn them on remotely with a simple sentence so that you can start relaxing in a comfortable environment the moment you get home. It is possible to set a timer to control when they are switched on and for how long they are meant to be on before automatically turning off.

Safety is always our first priority. Safety regarding socket use is often associated with craftsmanship and material. Our WiFi smart plug are made of V-0 class fire retardant PC material that are will not burn at even a temperature of 750 ℃. When tested in an industrial oven, this type of material will not deform under a temperature up to 100℃. The diameter of the copper conductor within the wire is thickened to 1mm2 to meet the new national standard. The larger the cross-section, the lower the resistance, which translates into better electrical safety. Local electricity safety authorities have conducted at least 1000,000 tests to ensure our products are safe and durable. To satisfy customer demands from different markets, both US standard Wifi smart plug and European standard WiFi smart plug were launched simultaneously.
smart plug
Note that all our WiFi smart products all use the Magic Home Pro APP while our Bluetooth smart products use Haodeng APP. This allows for personal, centralized, and convenient management of all home electronics.

More and more people have developed interest in smart home technology

With the advancement of IoT and cloud computing technology, modern society has entered the beginning of the “Smart Home Era”. The smart home industry has grown exponentially over the past years. Due to its favourable business prospects, the industry has attracted more and more attention from different sectors and stakeholders in the society. Presented below is a figure by Strategy Analytics. It is evident that the number of families with “smart” systems has been consistently increasing year by year. This rapidly increasing global trend suggests huge potential for future growth in the smart home industry.
smart device analytics

According to the market research report released by MarketsandMarkets (figure below), the global smart home industry is expected to grow from 78.3 billion USD in 2020 to 135.3 billion USD in 2025. The compound annual growth rate is up to 11.6% during the forecast period. This further supports the global trend of increased uptake of smart home systems in households.
smart home market analytics
(Image from:MarketsandMarkets)

A forecast of future trends in the smart home industry: the impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the smart home industry, especially in the US and China. Global sales during this fiscal year are expected to fall by 5 – 10%. This is because the supply chain disruption in China has reduced the local demand for smart home systems. The decrease in number of new projects and temporary closure of manufacturing facilities are two of many factors that have hindered the growth of the Chinese market. Compared to other countries in the Americas, the US market is expected to achieve higher growth. However, the limited uptake of smart home systems and the ongoing trade war between China and the US may continuously hamper the expansion of the smart home industry in North America.

That being said, IoT is a powerful tool that brings products, software algorithms, services and users together. It brings magic to life to make daily living more convenient. We are confident that home automation will become more and more popular across the world. The uptake of IoT into households can be attributed to the rise in popularity of the Internet, increase in smartphone users and expansion of social media platforms. Due to the widespread use of Internet-enabled devices such as radio frequency identification (RFID), barcode scanners and mobile computers in daily life, there will be a continuous increase in the number of global Internet users. This trend is expected to fuel the expansion of the IoT market.

Market opportunity: Combining lighting controllers with built-in data connection technology

In the past few years, the lighting control system market has seen considerable growth. This industry includes various products such as dimmers, timers, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and relays. These products can be used as stand-alone products or integrated into systems with other products. For example, they can be integrated into home automation systems via wired or wireless technology. In order to achieve automated operation, light control system communication protocols must be established externally. However, lighting control manufacturers are currently developing products with built-in data connection functions. These light control systems are able to operate without connection to external communication protocols. We expect that there will be a spike in demand for this type of products, creating many opportunities for businesses in the smart home industry.
Market opportunity

Future challenges: equipment failure and compatibility

Smart home systems rely extensively on device interconnection standards, communication protocols and network technologies. The seamless operation of a smart home system highly depends on the interoperability of all connected devices. The smart home ecosystem includes hardware, software, and services. For each product to function efficiently and reliably, these three components must come together smoothly and synchronously. Due to the technical complexity and high cost of the whole system, it will be a nightmare for homeowners if any one of these three components breakdown. Therefore, eliminating the risk of equipment failure and maintaining smooth operation of the whole ecosystem are the major challengers for smart home solution providers. Smart home businesses are now partnering with businesses that specialize in network connection technology to design new, innovative products that meet market demands. This partnership can help smart home businesses overcome interoperability challenges, thereby reducing the risk of equipment failure.

A world of magic in every home

Home automation technology is a rising industry amongst the applications of IoT. With the development of smart home systems, our daily lives will progressively shift towards automation. The smart home industry has a large potential customer base, high compound growth rate, and an overall positive business outlook with huge growth potential.
We are dedicated to achieving the goal of complete home automation in every household. With the advent of the 5G era, we are one of the first to research and develop 5G controllers. In the future, we will continue to invest resources in the development of smart home ecosystems and contribute to the technological advancement of mankind. Our driving force will always be the initial dream – to create a world of magic in every home.
Without a doubt, we manufacture smart products, and we have been focused on manufacturing and perfecting smart products for creating beautiful indoor and outdoor lighting experiences since 2008. We produce the highest quality smart products in the world. We don’t just sell smart products, we sell complete smart lighting systems.

We understand the primal connection between humans and light. Good lighting affects people’s emotions. We want to help you create the mood your project needs through “magic” – whether it’s comfort, safety, inspiration, love, excitement, focus, calm, etc.

We are committed to educating, not selling. We take in every client’s project as our own. We believe in putting a smile on your face from the first weld of our products to making sure your project is complete.

Thank you for placing your trust in One Smart Lighting. We will not let you down!

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