Smart Home guide

Smart Home Guide

In smart homes, technology takes over most of your security, comfort, and energy efficiency tasks so that your only concern at home is to enjoy yourself.

Smart homes make the day-to-day more bearable and give you back one of the most precious goods, time. But, although the world of home automation attracts you if you still have many questions such as: What is a smart home? Can I turn my house into a smart home? What are the benefits of turning my house into a smart home? Is a smart home and a warm home possible?

As we know that there are many questions, from compratuled, we have created this guide in which we are going to teach you all the keys to smart homes and how to get the most out of the technology applied to your home. So whether you are a smart home lover, a smart homeowner, a person who enjoys your home or you are considering renovating your home and you are a technology lover. Then this guide is for you.

Smart Home with Wifi Bulbs

What is the Smart Home?

 If you have ever had to run back to your house to check that you have turned off the water or the heating, you will appreciate having a smart home or Smart Home.

 What is a Smart Home? This seemingly simple question has many different answers depending on who you ask. In short, a “smart home” is a house equipped with a series of devices that automate the tasks that humans normally perform. Some are incorporated into the structure itself and others are added later, so that they can be controlled from the mobile, with virtual assistants, apps, etc.

 What can a Smart Home do?

Home automation is much more than automating tasks such as raising and lowering blinds or turning lights on and off. In addition to controlling and seeing what is happening in your home, a smart home is synonymous with security, with alarms and cameras that you control from your mobile; of cost savings, programming early on and off the heating or air conditioning; of energy savings, more efficient devices and materials environmentally friendly. A Smart Home can identify the areas of the home in which you are using more energy than you need, thus reducing consumption in those areas and saving money.

How to create a smart home?

You can make your home smart by installing a network that allows you to connect your appliances and devices, or you can buy individual products that connect to your mobile. For example, using smart plugs. Smart plugs are a good product to start with, as they are inexpensive and work with most virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTT.

 In short, a smart plug plugs into a normal wall outlet, but it usually comes with a corresponding app, so you can control whatever you plug into it remotely. Read this post for more information on smart plugs.

US Smart Plugwifi plug

 Smart lights

Another affordable product is the smart bulb. After all, what good is a smart home if it doesn’t simplify your life? Trying to remember if you turned off the light in a room can be frustrating. With smart bulbs and smart switches, you can control your lights from anywhere. We tell you what you can do with smart lights.

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