the real luxury goods must be smart home products that you can afford

2021 the luxury goods must be smart home products that you can afford

When people mention smart home or smart products, such as smart light bulbs, smart plug, etc., they feel expensive and rich.

Is it because of Bill Gates’ smart mansion, so that everyone has such an illusion?

1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039 – The home of Bill Gates, once the richest man in the world. The luxury of this house is not so much the use of top-notch materials or the employment of world-class designers.

This house is the “smartest” house in the world, which is as intelligent as the movie’s pie-in-the-sky scenario, a perfect combination of high-tech and home life.

Bill Gates’ home is a model of intelligence, with high-tech shadows everywhere, and every guest has to wear a unique pin, without which the system will be identified as an intruder. Gates on the way home can be through the intelligent housing system remote detection of everything at home. Including allowing the bathwater to adjust the temperature automatically, instructed the kitchen staff to prepare dinner, etc., even the intelligent mansion garden of a century-old tree, the residential sensors will be based on the water needs of the old tree to achieve timely, fully automatic watering!

Bill Gates’ mansion has demonstrated intelligent living scenarios, including kitchen, living room, home office, recreation room, bedroom, and many more. The indoor touch panel can automatically adjust the light of the entire room, background music, indoor temperature, etc. The floor and driveway temperature are also automatically controlled by the self-computer. All appliances inside the house are connected through a wireless network while equipped with advanced voice control and fingerprint technology, enter the door without a key, etc. Although Bill Gates’ smart home has been a long time so far, the smart home system and concept it built are forward-looking from the current point of view.

intelligent home

Does it have to be a rich person like Bill Gates to have a smart home?
Must we pay a high fee to deserve a smart home?
The answer is no, with the progress of technology, the popularity of the intelligent industry, now all kinds of smart products in the performance of a significant improvement, the price is quite competitive.

You can always like Bill Gates on the way home through the phone remote control of your home lamps, for example, twenty or so dollars of smart light bulbs.
It is miserable a thing that gets up to turn off the light in cold winter. A smart light bulb can solve this problem. Smart bulb connected to your phone or voice device, you can send voice commands to Alexa
“Alexa, turn off the lights.”

Isn’t that amazing? Just a smart light bulb can enjoy the same services as Bill Gates, which is the real luxury, a smart product that you can afford to use.

For the lights with unchanging lights, do you feel tired of seeing? The smart controller you deserve to have, based on the existing light strip connected to the smart controller, 16 million colors to choose from; cell phone or voice control, for you to create your own smart home.

To create a smart home is no longer something out of reach or luxury. With a bit of time, it’s easy to make the light strip intelligent, whether it’s at home or in the office, through WIFI or Bluetooth remote control of the light strip.

In order to let more users can enjoy the same high quality of smart life as Bill Gates. the smart products developed by our company, such as smart light bulbs, intelligent controllers, intelligent floodlights, etc. are all using high-performance chips and modules, both in connection speed, functionality, smoothness of APP use, etc. are recognized by customers.

With the development of social and economic levels, people increasingly pursue personalized, automated, fast-paced, fun-filled lifestyles. The humanization and intelligence of living home are no longer exclusive to the rich and powerful. The application of intelligent electronic technology, cloud technology, the Internet of Things brings a new feeling to people’s home life, and home intelligence has become a trend.

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