The guide of best of smart LED strip light 2021

The guide of best of smart LED strip light 2021

What are the best smart LED strip lights

Connecting a regular LED light strip to an LED strip light controller can turn it into a smart LED strip light. Smart LED strip lights not only meet the daily lighting needs but also can be set according to your life flow, including color temperature, timer, voice control, and light brightness.

The smart LED strip light also call TikTok light strip, it can be connected to a smartphone to switch between 16 million different colors. While ordinary light strips use light-emitting diodes to emit light and can only choose one color, smart light strips can change colors at will.

LED strip light controller built-in microphone and music processing chip. The TikTok light strip has a more humane function, you can analyze and process the rhythm of the currently playing music, and then through different color combinations and flashing to match the rhythm of the current music. This function is convenient for parties, celebrations and dances.

You can also set the on/off time of the light band through WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

The core functions of smart LED strip light are control, light effects, creation, sharing, light and music interaction, and light for health and well-being.
smart LED strip lights light up bedroom

How do smart led strip lights work?

  1. Smart remote control
    Whether at home or in the office, travelling abroad, you can use your phone to control your strip lights. You can control up to 64 smart strip lights at the same time; compatible with Alexa and Google Home, voice control of the strip lights to achieve on/off, color change, light dim adjustment, etc., truly free your hands.
  2. Wireless remote control
    Equipped with 2.4G remote control, timing control, remote control distance greater than 50 meters; 2.4G remote control solves the drawbacks of infrared remote control, you can remote control the lights from all angles in the house.
  3. Scene control
    Just select the scene you want on the phone, you can sit on the sofa and control the light strip at home, adjust the brightness at will, set the scene for meeting, dining, audio-visual, leisure, and entertainment. Eight preset scenes, switch at will.
  4. Wide range of use
    The LED strip lights are the best choice to decorate the home. A wide range of uses can be directly affixed to the bottom of the cabinet, sofa back and wall scaffolding and other positions, rich light and shadow level changes, set the color you want to match your scene. It can also be cut to the desired length according to the actual environment, injecting the art of light and shadow into interior design.
    5050 LED stirp lights

How to install smart led strip lights?

LED strip lights are mainly used as ambient lights and are usually installed in the corners of walls and ceiling slots, as long as the location and color of the strip lights are correctly selected to make the entire home environment more bright and warm.

  1. LED strip lights are generally DC 12V voltage, so you need to use a switching power supply, the size of the power supply according to the power of the LED strip lights and connection length to determine.
  2. .Cutting strip light method is that each meter of the blank are cut and have a little icon to show, if then cut in other places, it will destroy the wiring of this section of the strip, resulting in damage to the strip.
    cutting strip lights
  1. Connect the strip lights to the RGB LED controller, one end of the LED controller is connected to the power supply, and the other is connected to the strip lights. When connecting the strip lights, make sure both of RGB LED controller and stirp lights connect in the correct direction. Please refer to the following image.
    connect to strip lights
  2. Before attaching the strip lights to the mounting surface, make sure the safety surface is clean, peel off the double-sided tape release paper, and attach it to the mounting surface in order.
    how to install led strip lights

How to connect smart led strip lights?

Once the strip lights are connected to the RGB LED controller and power supply, download the “Magic Home Pro” app by scanning the QR code on your phone. Create an account and follow the step by step instructions to connect to the WiFi network (please make sure it uses 2.4Ghz). Once connected, you can control the light strip from your smartphone.

For more specific installation steps, please see this article How to connect LED strip lights to LED Controller.

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