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The difference between 2835 strip lights and 5050 strip lights

LED Strip light refers to the LED beads with special processing technology soldered on top of the copper wire or flexible circuit board and then connected to the power supply light. The strip lights are shaped like light strip when illuminated and gets their name. The range of available light strips is very wide and popular among users.

There are many different types of light strips according to different characteristics. The lamp beads used in the light strip are 2835 strip lights, 5050 strip lights, 3528 strip lights, 5730 strip lights, and so on.

Today is mainly to introduce the difference between SMD 2835 and SMD 5050

2835 and 5050 refer to the model of LED, not the strip light. The lighting industry has no uniform model of the light strip.

The encapsulation size of SMD 2835 LED is 2.8mm*3.5mm*0.8mm

The encapsulation size of SMD 5050 LED is 5.0mm*5.0mm*1.5mm.

Characteristics of SMD 2835.

2835 LED using a single chip package, power has 0.2W, 0.5W and 1W, the same 0.2W chip, brightness, and 5050  LED s is the same, can do 20-22LM.

From the luminous efficiency ranking comparison, 3528 lamp beads are the lowest, 5050 lamp beads, and 2835 lamp beads luminous efficiency than other lamp beads are better.

SMD 2835 LEDs are directly through the heat sink, with good heat dissipation and brightness up to 14-16LM.

The characteristics of 2835 LED also follow:

  • Moisture-proof, anti-sulfuration
  • Deadlight
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Low light decay characteristics

led strip lument

2835 LED warm white/white light (2700-6500K): luminous flux 20-22 lumens, better overall performance, more competitive market. 2835 circuit board and 3528 are not the same but also can be replaced; brightness and heat dissipation is better than 3528.

SMD 2835 LED in the LED industry has become the designated choice of LED lamp beads for fluorescent lamps, bulbs, panel lights, and other lamps and lanterns. The use of 2835 lamp beads in the market appears more novel, special, and attractive, and the competitiveness in the market continues to grow.

2835 Parameter

Characteristics of SMD 5050

5050 lamp beads generally use three 0.02W chips in parallel for packaging, and the total power is 0.2W, brightness in 20-22LM

5050 lamp beads can be dichroic, one light two colors dual use, good color mixing

  • Low voltage drive, environmental protection, and energy saving.
  • Small size, easy to install.
  • High brightness, large scattering angle, good consistency

SMD 5050 RGB LED specific parameters.

  • Color temperature: 2870-3220k; 3985-4503K; 5665-6530K.
  • Apparent finger: 70-75ra.
  • Luminous efficacy: 105-130lm/W.
  • Luminous flux: 90-100lm; 100-110lm; 110-120lm.

5050 LED chip

The parameters of SMD 2835 LED are as follows:

2835 Parameter

The parameters of 505 lamp beads are as follows:

5050 Parameter

Luminous intensity 

From the perspective of luminous intensity, the width of 2835 strip lights is wider; the luminous area is larger, and the intensity can reach 13-15LM, solving the problem of fluorescent lamps with zebra lines.

Application range

SMD 2835 LEDs are mostly used in indoor lamps, panel lights, light bars, advertising signage modules, etc.

SMD 5050 LEDs are mostly used for outdoor lighting wall washers, line lights, guardrail tubes, point light sources, etc.

The advantages of 2835 strip lights and 5050 strip lights

From the luminous efficiency ranking comparison, 3528 LED are the lowest. After that is 5050 LED, again is 5630 LED, followed by 3014 LED.

pixel led strip

LED chip

5050 tape light and 2835 tape light are the difference between the internal LED chip size. 5050 LED tape light indicates that the lamp bead chip length is 5.0mm, width is 5.0mm; similarly, the 2835 LED light tape indicates that the length of the lamp bead is 3.5mm, width is 2.8mm.

5050 LED is based on the market demand in 2835 LED made based on the. The difference in appearance is that the 5050 lamp beads are square, and the 2835 LED is rectangular. Therefore, the circuit board of 5050 LEDs is wider than 2835 LEDs.

The number of LED chips and luminous intensity, 5050 tape light has three LED chips, while 2835 light tape as long as a LED chip, so accordingly, 5050 light strip luminous intensity than 2835 light strip higher intensity, in layman’s terms is 5050 light strip than 2835 light strip brighter.

The lumen of LED

The lumen value of the 5050 LED strip is 70LM-90LM, while the lumen of the 2835 LED strip is 70-80LM.

The power and current

The power of the 5050 strip light is 12W, the current is 60mA;

The power of 2835 strip lights is 10W, the current is 20mA.

The brightness

There are 3 lamp beads of 5050 light strip, its spectral brightness than the 2835 light strip spectral intensity is greater, reflected in the value, 5050 light strip spectral brightness of 4500-5500-6500, while the 2835 light strip spectral intensity of 2000-2400-2800.

The Function

The luminous intensity of the light bar mainly depends on the chip of the lamp beads and the size of the current. As the two light bars with different chips, 5050 strip light of the lamp beads than the 2835 lamp beads and chip raw materials are better, so the 5050 strip light of the luminous amount are strong.


Generally, a 5050 light strip is developed based on a 2835 light strip. The function of the 5050 light strip is better than the 2835 light strip, and the brightness is higher. You should choose the best one based on your situation and personal needs.

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