Features and Functions of Smart Home

The Features and Functions of Smart Home

There is no doubt that the smart home has become an important factor in driving the development of IoT. All kinds of smart home service providers or manufacturers have seized this business opportunity and formed their special products. Today, we would like to introduce the features of the smart home.

Random control of lights

The smart home system terminal can focus on brightness adjustment, switch control, scene combination control, etc. The lighting of all rooms can be adjusted by pressing a few buttons, and various dream color lights can be created at will! A smart lighting system has a soft start function, which can make the light gradually brighter and darker; light dimming can achieve brighter and darker functions, allowing you and your family to share warmth and romance while having the effect of energy saving and environmental protection; all-on, all-off function can easily achieve the lights and appliances with one key all-off and one key all-on function, and has a brightness memory function.

smart home system

Improve the security factor 

Smart security in the smart home can be described as a loyal butler, always guard!

Indoor anti-theft, robbery prevention, fire prevention, gas leak prevention and emergency assistance, fully integrated voice telephone remote control, timing control, scene control, wireless forwarding, and other smart lighting and home appliance control functions; easy to achieve intelligent home security.

Take smart bulbs as an example. With the smartphone APP, you can remotely control the light band or light bulb. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can turn the lights or bulbs at home anytime.

The smart system is easy to install

A smart home system can achieve simple installation without destroying walls and purchasing new electrical equipment. The system can be fully connected with existing home electrical equipment, such as lamps, phones, and home appliances. Various appliances and other smart subsystems can be controlled from home and fully satisfied with remote control.

Smart light bulbs can be used by embedding a smart module on top of a traditional light bulb. The light bulb manufacturers do not need to replace the original production settings can be upgraded the traditional light bulbs to intelligent light bulbs;

For the consumers, No need to replace the lamp holder, with the installation of traditional light bulbs as easy to use.

A wide selection of smart home products

Smart home products with perfect functions, system security, stable, smart home, in addition to including remote security monitoring, background music, home appliance control, family health care, and monitoring, message services, network education, and other basic functions, should also have a home office, fresh air replacement, and other special systems to meet the requirements of different consumer groups to a higher level of the smart home.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

More and more consumers, in the pursuit of quality, green and environmental protection at the same time, pay more attention to the life of intelligent and energy-efficient experience. Smart home products are controlled by smartphone APP, effectively controlling the entire home lighting, air conditioning, etc., to a large degree to save the amount of electricity used.

The common functions of smart home

Security function

Security system, i.e., alarm and surveillance video. If no one is at home and someone tries to enter the house from outside to steal, the infrared control head will trigger the alarm when it predicts that someone is walking at home, sounding the alarm and calling the set number through the built-in phone card at home. If the home may start a fire, gas leakage and water leakage, smoke probe, and flooding probe in the event of an alarm linked to close the gas valve, water valve, to build a solid security barrier for the family.

Temperature Control

By connecting to central air conditioning, floor heating, and other equipment, the smart home allows the owner to set the ambient temperature and automatically turn on and off appropriate equipment when the set value is reached.

Light control

Controlled by a smartphone APP to achieve different lighting effects, automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the room, or turn on the lights at regular intervals to create the illusion that someone is in the house.

Curtain control

For example, according to the change of sunlight, the system notifies the outdoor sensor to get the sunlight information to realize the automatic control of the curtain.

Home theatre function

For example, when using home projection equipment, there is no need to adjust the lights, put on the curtain, adjust the projector, etc. by yourself, and the equipment can be automatically adjusted to the ideal state.

Remote control function

You can use your smartphone to control the use of home appliances when you are outside. For example, You can turn on the air conditioner by APP before you arrive home. Then you will enjoy it very much.

smart homes

Environmental Control System

The environmental monitoring system can monitor the room’s temperature and humidity and the indoor environment according to the daily weather conditions. It can also detect whether the harmful substances in the indoor environment exceed the standard and reasonably adjust the indoor environment.


The smart home can bring convenience and efficiency to our life and achieve energy savings and environmental protection.


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