The future of lighting is in smart lighting

The future of the lighting industry is in smart lighting

Many people still do not have an in-depth understanding of smart lights, do not know how to choose smart lights, do not understand the intelligent working principle, especially the widely used Bluetooth smart lights, here today to explain the following.

Why choose smart lights?

Ordinary lighting as long as it is on has been maintained unchanged lumen illumination and color temperature, completely ignoring the surrounding lighting conditions and other environmental factors change, which will cause great damage to visual health. In contrast, intelligent lighting will be more customer settings, and changes in the surrounding environment automatically adjust so that people can solve them according to their comfort.

If the brightness of the living room lights does not affect much, but for small children, especially those who need to read for a long time can cause trouble.

Smart LED Lights  bulbs

The light brightness needed for reading is 300 to 500 lumens (lx). But it does not mean that the table lamp as long as fixed at 300 or 500lx, which can also easily cause fatigue of small children. If it is a smart lights bulb, it will constantly adjust the light brightness and color temperature according to children’s learning. In different life scenarios, we have different lighting needs.

For example, the right light at mealtime makes the meal look appetizing; low bright warm light can feel asleep faster before bedtime. Color temperature and brightness will have such an effect because the light will affect the hormone levels in the human body, the secretion is active when the light is weak, people will feel relaxed, the secretion of strong light will be suppressed, people will be mental hyperactivity.

In addition, it is appropriate to use cooler light source lighting to feel cooler in the summer. The winter with warm light source a more warm feeling. LED smart lights systems can switch between different scene modes to subtly change the face of your space for a new outfit. Instantly full of mood, full of surprises and novelty every day, so you are more enthusiastic about putting into life!

In terms of power saving, the energy-saving effect of Alexa smart lights is very significant. There are specialists in the same building to install smart lighting and ordinary lighting to test the comparison, found that smart lighting to save power can reach 25 ~ 30%. In addition, best smart lights soft start function can avoid power overload, overcurrent damage to lamps and lanterns, more extended lamp life. This is also another economic energy-saving performance.

“Health + energy saving + mood” is the reason people choose smart lighting

How to choose a quality smart lights bulb?

As for the choice of smart lights bulb, It must pass the national quality certification. Suppose the lights do not pass the blue light and strobe hazards are hidden. In that case, the pupil of the eye will expand or shrink according to the intensity of light to adjust vision. Poor quality lighting constantly strobe, the pupil keeps scaling, it is easy to fatigue damage.

Another indicator of concern is the color rendering, and color rendering index Ra refers to the ability of the smart lights bulb source to express the original color of the object. The closer the value to 100, the better the color rendering!

Ordinary family lights are difficult to reach 100, the general color rendering index Ra up to 95 is already a museum-grade color standard. After the change, I feel that the home space is more realistic and rich in color, closer to natural light. Light irradiation out of soft and comfortable, like satin soft and even light, there will not be that harsh feeling and poor color rendering index, at home to draw a beautiful makeup, go outdoors but look less natural.

smart LED bulbs

How to choose a smart lighting dimming system?

Currently popular on the market is basically two types of dimming products, a universal dimming method, universal dimming method is actually the use of cutting-edge silicon, delayed CMOS wave-cutting method to achieve the dimming method, ordinary incandescent and halogen lamps are usually used silicon to dimming. Because incandescent and halogen lamps are a pure resistive device, it does not require the input voltage must be a sine wave, because its current waveform is always the same as the voltage waveform, so regardless of how the voltage waveform deviates from the sine wave, as long as the RMS value of the input voltage is changed, you can dimming.

And silicon-controlled dimming of the LED light source regulation will produce unexpected problems. The input LC filter will make silicon-controlled oscillation. This oscillation for incandescent lamps is indifferent because incandescent lamps’ thermal inertia makes the human eye unable to see this oscillation. Still, the LED drive power will produce audio noise and flicker. In addition, silicon-controlled dimming will destroy the waveform of the sine wave, thereby reducing its power factor value (usually less than 0.5), so silicon-controlled dimming dramatically decreases the efficiency of the LED system.

No matter which way the cut wave dimming method the final result is that a sine wave cut into the upper and lower half, the upper and lower half of the two over zero control is a lot of manufacturers to spend a lot of energy to study the subject, no matter which way the LED light flash frequency is ultimately a 100Hz, often we use some products in the application of strobe and jitter, are, and this 100HZ frequency Waveform control has a lot to do with, although many dimming modules in the curve through the control of a good over zero point to solve the LED light strobe and jitter.

To ensure the dimming effect of the smart lighting source, one of the essential points is to reduce the output current error in a closed-loop system to improve the current accuracy. As long as the power supply into a pulsed constant current source, changing the pulse width, you can change its brightness. This method is called the pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming method. PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming method can be a good solution to the above problem. The LED is a diode. It can achieve fast switching. It can allow the switching speed to be as high as microseconds or more, unmatched by any light-emitting devices.

smart lighting

PWM is known as Pulse Width Modulation. Pulse Width Modulation is a method of digitally encoding analog signal levels, which uses the digital output to control the analog circuit. The ratio of the positive pulse duration to the total pulse period is called the duty cycle. The duty cycle is used to control the on-time of the LED. Reducing the duty cycle reduces the on-time of the LED, which reduces the effective current through the LED and reduces the LED’s brightness.

Because PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming method does not change the instantaneous voltage and instantaneous current of the input LED PN junction, the output current’s duty cycle changes its brightness. Therefore, the LED PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming method also has the following advantages.

  • It does not produce any LED chromatographic offset because the LED always operates between full-amplitude current and 0.
  • There is extremely high dimming accuracy because the pulse waveform can be completely controlled to a high degree of accuracy, so it is easy to achieve the accuracy of one ten thousandths.
  • Even in a wide range of dimming, will not occur flicker phenomenon. Because it will not change the operating conditions of the constant current source (boost ratio or buck ratio), more unlikely to overheat and other problems.
  • It can be combined with digital (DALI/DSI/DMX 512) control technology to control because the digital control signal is easily converted into a PWM signal.

Although LED PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming method has many advantages, but need to pay attention to the following two issues.

  • The choice of pulse frequency, because the LED is in a fast switching state, the human eye will feel the flicker if the operating frequency is very low. To take full advantage of the residual visual phenomenon of the human eye, its operating frequency should be higher than 100Hz, preferably 200Hz.
  • To eliminate the whistling caused by dimming, although 200Hz above the human eye can not detect, to 20kHz is the range of the human ear hearing. Improper LED dimming power supply design may cause the LED dimming power supply around the inductor, capacitor, to produce the human ear can hear the sound of electronic oscillation of the tiny noise, so some users react to the night when the lights appear annoying reasons.

Some TV stations apply the stage lighting PWM digital dimming driver products almost 15000Hz products mostly. Such products can ensure that we see the TV screen is a very clean and flawless picture.

Multiple functions of Bluetooth smart lights

As a product of the smart home industry, Smart lighting control is also widely regarded as the cornerstone of green lighting, is one of the indispensable core technologies of modern lighting. Smart lighting, whether wired or wireless control, the ultimate goal is to integrate all lighting and home appliances in the same smart network. Through the integration of software, users can more easily control lighting, energy management, and asset management.

Bluetooth smart lighting

The power products with wireless Bluetooth modules can be matched with any indoor and commercial lighting fixtures, allowing users to do wireless Bluetooth dimming control with APP software easily.

The smart lighting can be adjusted according to their own needs. Personalization of the light color they want is only the basic needs. If you are willing to go further to plan various intelligent scene modes, it is the most wonderful.

For example, when opening the movie, group control smart lights automatically adjust to the movie mode and reduce brightness and color temperature into the best viewing light environment. And when entering the sleep state, the smart light senses that you sleep automatically turn off the light.

 At the same time, automatically turn on the smart lights when you get up. No longer have to worry about lying in bed and forget to turn off the light, and do not have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom in the dark to hit something!

Bluetooth smart light positioning function

At present, wireless Bluetooth technology, through the mesh way to network, without the need to go through the additional Gateway connection, which is the best advantage of using Bluetooth network.

Finally, wireless Bluetooth can also be calculated through the two lamps and the location of the user’s smartphone. These are the existing technologies that will be applied.

smart led downlight

In the future, a luminaire is no longer just a lighting tool but a node for indoor positioning. In traditional industrial production, there are many unsolvable problems, such as many employees in factories, making it impossible to track whether personnel is on duty and emergency deployment in real-time. Many material storages in warehouses make it impossible to locate goods and count material inventory quickly; unique plants or meaningful equipment relationships are challenging to monitor and eliminate safety hazards strictly.

Edge collaborative positioning system can help factories solve these problems. Integrating various sensors with sensing, monitoring and positioning, and mobile communication and edge intelligent analysis into multiple production processes to achieve smart factory management.

The Bluetooth signal of the positioning tag is transmitted back to the positioning and map engine server through the Bluetooth gateway to achieving high-precision positioning and navigation of indoor personnel/items. The Bluetooth signal of the positioning tag is transmitted back to the positioning and map engine server through the Bluetooth gateway to achieving high-precision positioning and navigation of indoor personnel/items.

The total number of materials, consumption quantity, remaining quantity, and the specific corresponding warehouse are all clear in the background, improving material dispatching efficiency.

Employees only need to carry a positioning tag to achieve personnel positioning, mobile alarm and access control, ladder control, and other functions. The terminal comes with an induction chip, which can realize project positioning attendance and also wireless attendance through the attendance base station. Employees or vehicles only need to carry the tag through the attendance area to discover personnel attendance.

After the installation of indoor positioning system installation, the efficiency of staff work significantly increased, more efficient management of personnel and materials; real-time monitoring of equipment working conditions, improve the service life of equipment; optimization of the production chain through big data, improve production efficiency by more than 30%.

Choose Bluetooth smart lights to create a healthy and colorful life for the family. A wide range of application scenarios and functions can be described as multifunctional machines.

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