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The Guide of Bluetooth light bulb 2021

What is a Bluetooth light bulb?

Bluetooth light bulb control solution is a low-power Bluetooth module built into the LED light; Compared to the traditional LED light, Bluetooth light bulb, and its lighting function, there are more cool features.

At present, the wireless Bluetooth technology can also be networked through the way of Mesh. Through each module to do mutual networking (Mesh), without the need to go through the additional Gateway connection, which is the best advantage of using Bluetooth networking.

How does a Bluetooth light bulb work?

The Bluetooth light bulb chip mainly gets the data command sent by smart light bulb APP and controls the PWM output according to the corresponding command to realize the LED mode change. It can also send back information about the current status of the Bluetooth light bulb according to the demand of APP.

When the Bluetooth light bulb is in operation, keep the LED light energized, and then with the smart light bulb APP, you can control the Bluetooth light bulb by smartphone at will to achieve remote control of the LED light brightness, color, switch, etc.

Features of Bluetooth light bulb

.Adopts ST17H62/63 chip design, the whole process of lead-free production.

.Support Apple (IOS), Android two platforms light control app.

.Wide application: support R (red), G (green), B (blue), W (white) CC (cold light) 5-way arbitrary color-mixing control

.Powerful: Bluetooth Mesh control can control 64 Bluetooth bulbs at the same time, 16 million color control, a variety of scenario mode selection.

.Easy to use: support wireless switch, timing switch function, you can control at will.

. DIY the color you want at any time

Bluetooth light bulb application range

.Children’s room: adjust the color temperature, brightness, effective protection of vision.

.Bedroom: you can adjust the light to your favorite color, warm and relaxing, better sleep.

.Restaurant:  Smart wireless dimming and color mixing lights, soft and warm and more appetizing

.Hotels, cafes: Bluetooth light bulb dynamic gradient, to create a colorful atmosphere, romantic space, customers have a new feeling every time they arrive.

How to use Bluetooth light bulbs?

Using Bluetooth technology, the Bluetooth led light bulb and smart light bulb APP  connected, the smartphone APP operation instructions through Bluetooth wireless transmission to the internal chip of the light bulb, and then according to the instructions to make the corresponding changes, and our daily contact with the remote control TV similar.

. Install the Bluetooth led light bulb on the interface

. Scan the QR code to download the “HaoDeng” APP

. Turn on Bluetooth in the phone system settings

. Open the APP and start to control the light bulb.

Advantages of Bluetooth light bulb

1. An advantage is that it can operate without a network (such as Internet or Ethernet)

2. Energy saving: first of all, achieve energy saving, because LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting does not have any pollution to the environment, compared with incandescent, fluorescent lamps, power-saving efficiency can reach 90% or more

3. Humanization: Bluetooth smart light bulb can automatically adjust the brightness according to changes in the weather or the intensity of natural light; at the same time, the user can also directly from the smart light bulb APP to regulate, but also according to the atmosphere to adjust the color of the light.

4. With the rhythm of the syllable to change the color of the light
Bluetooth smart light bulb is not only lighting but also an additional music function. When the music from the top of the head into the ear, it can be an excellent solution to the problems encountered by customers, and Bluetooth smart light bulb can also change the different lights according to other music so that customers at home can also bounce.

5. Help improve the quality of sleep
Bluetooth smart light bulb can also improve the quality of sleep; before the customer goes to sleep, you can turn the light bulbs to a specific color to adjust the body according to the user’s biological clock to the synthesis of melatonin. This promotes the user’s sleep and allows the user to enjoy the benefits of beauty sleep.

Bluetooth Mesh Bulb

Bluetooth Mesh is part of the Bluetooth 5 specification and is specifically optimized for transmitting small packets of data such as lamp dimming or switching commands, sensor information or device IDs. The Bluetooth Mesh chip needs to be built into the LED light in the Bluetooth Mesh light control solution. 

The users can control anyone or group of lights in the Mesh network by connecting any LED light in the Mesh network through their smartphone. The Bluetooth switch can be used as a node to control the switch of all lights in the Mesh network. Set different scene modes;

The user can also control the Bluetooth Mesh Bulb in the mesh network in groups; the LED lights in the mesh network can be dimmed and colored; Set different scene modes; timed switch and other operations.

Some nodes in the home lighting Bluetooth mesh are connected to the home network, and even if one of the nodes connected to the home network fails, messages from the rest of the Mesh can still reach the user’s control/reporting device. Other Bluetooth mesh devices continue to function normally.

Bluetooth Mesh has become a protocol that simplifies smart home automation by enabling a growing network of mesh devices to be easily installed and configured on the user’s smartphone. Bluetooth mesh bulbs used with smart bridges enable voice control, allowing smart lights to understand your language. It can control up to 64 Bluetooth Mesh Bulb, at a time, suitable for restaurants, shopping malls or hotels.

Bluetooth Mesh Bulb control solution, using ST17H62 Bluetooth BLE5.0 chip, through distributed mesh networking, to achieve dynamic control of lighting devices by wireless/remote control system. Users can directly use the smart light bulb App to control the light set from a close distance or issue commands remotely through the gateway. Both ways can achieve up to 65,000 light sources self-organizing network. With fast response, extreme energy-saving, the best light characteristics, is a new intelligent lighting solution to navigate the future.

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