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The Guide of Smart Light Bulbs 2022

What is smart light bulb?

Smart light bulbs are a smart home product that is a model of technology-led living. Smart light bulbs are an advanced way to light up your home. Through APP, Alexa and Google Home, you can control your smart lights automatically or control them from thousands of miles away. At the same time, smart light bulbs eliminate the need for traditional light bulbs to be installed in the wall switch, making our lives more convenient, more environmentally friendly, and more fun.

A switch turns traditional light bulbs on and off, and smart light bulbs have broken this single control model. Users can control the bulb through the APP, Alexa, and Google Home, bringing a better experience than ever before.

Smart Light bulb benefits

The benefits of using smart light bulbs are not only automatic or remote control of the light bulbs in your home. Other benefits will make you change your mind about smart bulbs and fall in love with them.

 Easy dimming 

alexa smart light bulbs

If you want to dim traditional bulbs, you must mount the dimmer switch on the wall. However, Smart lights can be dimmed through the dimming panel on the app, allowing you to adjust the brightness you want from 0-100%. You can also use Alexa or google home. Sending voice commands to let the Alexa smart lights adjust the brightness


Smart LED bulb last longer, generate less heat, and consume less energy than the original bulbs. If you realize that you forgot to turn off the light bulb at home after you go to work, you can turn it off immediately through the APP on your smartphone.

Since your lights are controlled through the APP, you can see their status at any time and from anywhere through your palm. You no longer have to worry about “Are my lights off?”

Using smart LED bulbs is not only environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions, but also saves a lot of money on your electricity bill.


Use your smart LED lights with other connected devices such as cameras, air conditioners, curtains, thermostats, coffee makers, etc., to create a complete smart home.


Smart bulbs can be used individually or set up in a group for control. For example, if you put the Alexa smart bulbs in each bedroom into a group, you can control all the bulbs in the group at the same time through the APP. You can set a timer or automatically turn off all the lights at a specific time. Or if you are traveling or on business, you can set the smart LED bulbs to light up at night and turn off automatically during the day, imitating your home situation.

Mood lighting

Preset and customize the color and brightness of the lights to match the ambiance of any occasion. From warm white light to white light or colored light, the 16 million colors of the smart LED lights are available to meet your needs with the click of a button.

How does the smart light bulbs work with Alexa?

In 2014, Amazon released the Echo speaker, the first to explore the smart speaker market. It changed people’s perception of human-computer interaction, making people familiar with and accepting how to control hardware devices by voice.

People are no longer satisfied with using their voice to control the speaker to play songs or check the weather. We can interact with voice for more things, such as smart TV, smart light bulbs.

Alexa, Amazon’s voice services platform, offers powerful capabilities that allow the skills to customize many personalized experiences. For example, smart hardware manufacturers, after accessing Alexa’s built-in smart home voice interface, users control light bulbs, air conditioners, cameras through Alexa.

Alexa Smart Home integrates Alexa Voice Interaction Service, Alexa Sills Kit, Alexa Smart Home API, and AWS Lambda, which allows us to quickly build basic cloud-based one-stop skills to add voice interaction capabilities to smart devices, such as smart light bulbs.

Alexa Smart Home interaction flow diagram.

Alexa Smart Home interaction flow diagram

When Alexa hears the user say, “Alexa, turn up the kitchen light by 50%”, Alexa understands the user’s intent and changes the state of the smart bulb. The request is then sent to the skill that controls the light in AWS Lambda, where it is parsed and sent to the cloud of devices associated with the light. The skill then replies to Alexa with a message called an event telling whether the request was successful, and Alexa uses the information in the event to reply to the user.

Voice-controlled lights can make smart homes smarter!

smart control


With improved living standards, LED smart lights are gradually becoming mainstream, and related technology is also progressing and developing. Do you have smart lights in your home? Or confused about which smart light bulb should be used? We have been focusing on developing and producing smart devices, aiming to provide customers with the best quality smart lights. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us for more information.

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