The impact of HarmonyOS on the smart home 2021

With the launch of HarmonyOS by Huawei, the smart home industry has become more active. The smart home is an industrial trend, many traditional large manufacturers have put into production smart home and launched their ecosystem. And different brands are accessing the Harmony system in all aspects, such as the familiar brands Midea, Gree, etc. All IoT manufacturers can develop and manage their products based on Open Harmony. In this sense, even if some Chinese IoT companies do not directly adopt Huawei’s HarmonyOS, it is still possible to achieve interoperability based on OpenHarmony, the underlying software.

Can Huawei’s launch of HarmonyOS, which seeks to bring everything under one roof, promote smart home patterns from fragmentation to unification? “We provide not just products, but a new way of life, Harmony full-scene smart life solutions, one-stop solution for smart home, smart office, smart travel, sports and health, audio and video entertainment 5 major life scenarios”

The practicality of smart home

For a smart home, the practicality, ease of use and humanity of the product are most important. It is reflected in the function and in the system intelligence, using advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology and wireless technology, etc., and various systems related to home life are organically combined.

Such as LED controller, the LED strip lights do not need to do any upgrading. Connect the LED controller to the traditional strip lights; it can be directly intelligent, such as smartphone control, voice control, 16 million kinds of color selection, the function of the strip light to the extreme, to bring an unprecedented sense of user experience for the user.

LED controller humanized design, stand in the user’s point of view to solve the problem, the launch of the market is very popular.

In addition to the smart LED controller, the traditional lamps to achieve intelligence are also a step in place, directly embedded in the smart module. A regular light bulb is immediately upgraded to smart light bulbs. Floodlights, spotlights or downlights can all be made intelligent by this method.

WIFI and Bluetooth options

The smart module is divided into WIFI modules and Bluetooth modules. When the traditional light bulb embedded WIFI module, the light bulb needs to be controlled by the WIFI signal, using the corresponding APP. Similarly, when the light bulb is embedded in the Bluetooth module, it becomes a Bluetooth light bulb, with a Bluetooth signal connected to the phone to control.

Some manufacturers have begun to develop dual-chip modules. Install this dual-chip module bulb, not only can use WIFI signal and choose to use the Bluetooth signal. It includes wifi chip and Bluetooth chip. Users no longer need to select WIFI bulbs or Bluetooth bulbs, dual-chip bulbs allow users to experience two different control at the same time, greatly improving the user experience.

5G smart home

The transition from a single product to whole house intelligence

Whole house intelligence refers to the overall smart home system, integrating intelligent lighting, security, audio and video, home appliance control as a whole-home solution.

Interconnection is the interconnection of all things. Individual home products can realize intelligent operation in this system, but single smart products can be connected, thus bringing people a more intelligent and personalized home scene.

Not only can we achieve interconnection across cell phones, PCs, tablets, and other device terminals, but also interconnection and mutual control across light bulbs, TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners.
HarmonyOS will be a new baptism for the whole smart home ecological chain.

smartphone control

Huawei’s HarmonyOS will bring a new platform choice to the smart home industry and its architectural adaptation to small storage devices. It will get more access and interaction of smart home devices.

To sum up, the HarmonyOS system, as a more secure, smooth and distributed IoT operating system, makes the experience of smart home products stronger, the competitive advantage more obvious, and the IoT of smart home more convenient.

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