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What is a Smart Plug?

What is a Smart Plug

The smart plug is a new concept of safety plug, mainly consists of a power module, controller module, power signal collection circuit, wireless communication module. Built-in WIFI module, the plug is embedded with serial Wi-Fi module to realize the conversion from serial data to wireless data, which can be connected to a smartphone through Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc., and can be switched on/off remotely, controlled by voice, timed on/off through smart mobile APP.

The WiFi smart plug uses a WiFi network to enable your smartphone or tablet PC, etc. to turn on or off the specified appliance through App operation under network conditions. And because the smart plug can do to make the appliance completely power off, for TV, coffee machine, etc, with the smart plug control will be able to do with the use of open.
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The smart plug is not the shiniest smart home product, but it can easily make your home’s non-smart appliances smarter.

  1. When you come home from work and want to take a hot shower, just open the smartphone app and you can control it remotely, and you can take a hot shower when you get home.
  2. when you are lying on the sofa catching up with the popular TV series, just call out “Alexa, help me boil the pot of water”, the switch will automatically turn on, and a few minutes later the water is boiling.
  3. When you go out and forget to disconnect the power, just open the smartphone app and cut off the power at home anytime and anywhere, which not only saves unnecessary power consumption but also reduces many safety hazards.
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What does a smart plug do?

The smart plug is the most affordable smart home product, with simple configuration, and can be used when there is a network at home.

  1. Control function
    TV, coffee pot, air purifier, and other home appliances can be controlled by a smartphone APP, if the whole system is linked, you can use your smartphone to control the remote control appliances at home from anywhere to realize the process of remote control. WiFi Smart Plug, breakthrough smart home consistent complex system image, with a handful of smartphones and APP, you can remote control the home appliances no matter where you are.
  1. Energy-saving function
    The power consumption of appliances is very high when they are on standby day and night, and the accumulated power consumption of multiple appliances over a year is huge. The automatic power-off function of the smart plug, if used properly, can save a year’s electricity bill to buy another smart plug.
  2. Safety features
    The smart socket has safety features such as anti-voltage, anti-lightning, anti-leakage, and anti-overload. When there is an abnormal current, the smart socket will not only display or alarm in real-time but also have the function of automatically cutting off power to prevent leakage and electric shock.
  3. Timer function.
    Smart sockets with timing function and offer scheduling, so if you want to wake up with a cup of coffee every morning, you can use the smart plug’s timing function to do so
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Smart plugs can make your life achieve unlimited possibilities…

  1. Do you want to have a light on before you get home from work late at night?
    The smart plug allows you to turn on the light with a single click on your smartphone’s app. When you come home, you will feel cozy immediately.
  2. Set a time for the kids at home to watch TV
    Use the timer function of the smart plug to set the time to watch TV every day in the app, and let the smart socket do the rest for you when the time is up.
  3. You can control your home appliances with the smart plug even if you are away from home for a while.
  4. You can let the coffee machine prepare your first cup of coffee every day without getting out of bed.
  5. Forget to turn off the curling iron when you are out of the house and still open.
    Use the smart plug, even if you are outside, you can turn it off through the phone. Prevent fire or damage that may be caused.

Use smart plugs to bring the smart home to every part of your home

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