what is smart led strip lights

What is smart LED strip light?

What is smart LED strip light?

The LED strip lights have to connect to the Smart LED controller. Then it can be controlled by a smartphone APP to change the color, and voice-controlled by Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants. No matter where you are, as long as there is a network where you can control your smart LED strip lights, change the color, turn on/off, timing switch, brightness adjustments, etc.

Smart LED Strip lights allow the room or car to constantly change colors to better match your mood. Through the smartphone App, you can also control the strip lights remotely and customize your light scheme. The interaction between Wi-Fi LED strip lights and smartphones is a whole new experience. Different from ordinary LED strip lights that can change light colors remotely, WI-FI intelligence allows for smarter and more interesting lighting. With a versatile design and crazy imagination, you can make the space you live in every day or any object you want to change color incredible.
Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights

 If you are planning to party at home on the weekend, you can instantly turn your living room into a dance floor. You can choose up to a variety of colors to create different themes.

Whether it’s a starry summer evening or a cheerful Christmas Eve, there’s always a choice of theme colors to match your mood. Each theme includes a color scheme that can be customized to change the ambient theme color by varying multiple colors and making adjustments to brightness and speed.
Tiktok LED strip lights

Different from ordinary LED strip lights, smart Wi-Fi light strips are designed to be more flexible and reliable. When you start the installation you will see how thoughtful the design is. The integrated plug design reduces the length of exposed wires and multiple strips can be connected directly together to form a continuous light source.

What are the advantages of a Wi-Fi LED strip?

The biggest advantage of smart LED tape light bars over regular LED light bars is convenience. You can set a timer to turn the lights on or off automatically so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off when you leave the house or returning to complete darkness. If you don’t want anyone entering your home illegally at night without you, turn on the Wi-Fi wireless LED Strip lights remotely from your phone to look as if someone is home. Also, voice control is available for the modern smart home.

1. Automated control of smart LED strip lights

The biggest feature of the Smart Wi-Fi Stirp lights is scene control, there can be multiple lighting circuits in the same room, and for each circuit brightness adjustment to achieve a certain lighting atmosphere called scene; using the timer function, you can pre-set different scenes, fade in and fade out time when switching scenes, so that the light softly changes.

2、Beautify the environment

Indoor lighting using scene changes to increase the artistic effect of the environment, to produce a three-dimensional sense, a sense of hierarchy, to create a comfortable environment, conducive to people’s physical and mental health, and improve work efficiency.

3、Extend the lifespan of smart Wi-Fi Strip Lights

The main factors affecting the life of Smart strip lights are over-voltage use and cold shock, they make the strip light’s life greatly reduced. When the LED strip lights cold state instantaneous connection will produce rated current 5-10 times the inrush current, greatly affecting the life of the LED strip lights. Smart LED Controller uses slow open and fade in and out dimming control, can avoid the cold state impact on the LED strip lights to extend the life of the Smart strip lights. The Smart LED Controller can extend the life of the strip lights 2-4 times, reduce the workload of replacing the stirp lights.

What are the features of the Smart LED Strip Lights?

There are many types of LED strips, and the smart strips have Wi-Fi connectivity so you can control the lights via an app or voice control. You can already turn on or off a regular RGB LED strip and adjust its color, brightness, and lighting mode via remote control. Smart LED Strip lights according to the sound size of the environment, music rhythm, and real-time synchronization to the light on the strip so that the strip can create a different dynamic effect for this environment.

Moreover, the rhythm of the music changes in a variety of patterns mode, and each mode has a different dynamic effect. So intelligent sound control light bar is also on the music light bar.

On the other hand, the process of installation is very simple, direct access to the 12v power adapter can be, no need for similar products to wired

How do I connect my led strip lights to my phone?

 The connection methods on the market are pretty much the same, download the APP and follow the prompts to connect step by step. Check out this article for a detailed list of how to connect strip lights to your phone. You can also view the video below.

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