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What is the Best Color Temperature for Home?

Lighting in the home is not only used for lighting but also for decorative and atmospheric adjustment roles. Whether it is renovation or renovation, the choice and use of lighting at home are very critical.

Lighting brightness and color temperature are also two crucial factors. We will introduction of color temperature, the home lighting color temperature and brightness of common sense.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature is The Kelvin temperature of a blackbody emitter of similar light from this source. A black body heated to a temperature, the color of the light emitted and a light source emits the same color, the temperature of the black body heated called the color temperature of the light source, referred to as color temperature. The unit is “K” (Kelvin). One color temperature is 1K.

color temperature

The use of color temperature

Indoor lighting, color temperature changes to bring us the most intuitive feeling is the light from the warm tone to the cool tone. The lower the color temperature, the warmer the light color; the higher the value of color temperature, the cooler the light color.

Warm white color light

Color temperature at 3300K and below, warm light and incandescent light effect are similar, the red light component is more, give people a warm, warm, healthy, comfortable feeling. They are commonly used in homes, dormitories, hotels and other places or places with lower temperatures.

White color light

The color temperature is 3300K-5300K, also called neutral color. The light is softer, making people pleasant, relaxed and restful. It is suitable for stores, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices and other public places.

Cool white color light

The cool white color temperature is 5300K and above, also called daylight color. The light source is close to natural light, with a bright feeling, easy to let people concentrate. It is suitable for office, conference room, classroom, design room, reading room, warehouse and other places.

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Even for different areas under the same place, different color temperature will be used to achieve other lighting effects. Take the supermarket as an example. The color temperature of the fresh meat area, baking area, vegetable and fruit area and seafood area of the supermarket are all concerned. Will use the difference in color temperature to highlight the color of the corresponding ingredients to look more fresh and attractive.

kelvin color temperature

The color temperature for home

At home, the color temperature is the same reason, especially in the dining room, entrance, living room, decorative walls, and other places of use, affecting the atmosphere and decorative effect at home, thus impacting our emotions and life feeling.

Normally, the average family lighting color temperature in the range of 2700K-4000K.

color temperature lights

Here are the color temperature options for each area of the home.

Living room

First of all, the living room will be the main space for your external communication. You need to create a bright and relaxing lighting effect, especially in the living room with a high ceiling, the main light to choose the most appropriate color temperature 3500K-4000K.

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A bedroom is a resting place, and the light naturally should not be too bright, need to create a relaxing atmosphere, help sleep. Color temperature is also warm 2700K-3000K is the most appropriate.

bedroom smart led light bulb

Study room

The lighting atmosphere should help focus on thinking and provide sufficient brightness.

If reading with the eyes is the main, it is recommended to use 3500K-4000K color temperature to help lift the spirit.

If the use of computer-based, as most computer color temperature is 5500K-6000K, the original light is too white, you can consider using a lower 3000K-3500K color temperature to balance.

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Bathroom & Kitchen

In general, these two areas do not need to pay attention to the atmosphere; the need for bright and clear light, recommended 4000K, also can make space look more open.

bathroom smart light bulb

Dining room

The effect of lighting in the dining room affects the food’s color and affects the appetite. But unlike public restaurants outside, it does not need too bright white, lively atmosphere. Instead, it is recommended to use a more warm 3000K-3500K warm white light to bring the family together to enjoy a delicious meal.

dinning room smart LED lights


The coatroom involves changing clothes with color; bright neutral light is the most appropriate, will not affect the judgment of color, it is recommended to choose 3500K-4000K .

coatroom smart led lights

The choice of different color temperature lamps and lanterns affects the atmosphere of the home. If you want to convert the atmosphere, choose a different color temperature, is it necessary to change the lamps? The answer is: NO.

You can change the color temperature at any time by using smart light bulbs. There are
RGB LED Smart light bulbs, RGBW LED Smart light bulbs, or RGBWW LED Smart light bulbs by using WiFi light bulbs or by connecting the LED strip lights with smart LED controllers. You can change the color according to different scenes. You can use your smartphone LED lights controller app to change the color you want to add to the atmosphere of the party.

alexa smart light bulb

The Smart WiFi LED controller also chooses RGB LED controller, RGBW LED controller, and RGBWW LED controller, these LED Strip controllers can be connected to the corresponding LED Strip lights to select the color you want to match the scene to use.

RGB LED Controller

There are 16 million colors for the option of Smart light bulbs and smart LED controllers connected to the strip lights, incomparable to traditional lighting. You need to select different colors in the LED lights controller app to create the atmosphere you want.

Smart light bulbs and smart LED controllers are not only powerful but also environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

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