What kind of Smart Home Products Would you like to have

What kind of Smart Home Products Would you like to have?

Smart home products are becoming more and more popular, and many manufacturers have launched different products to meet the market’s needs. Such as Smart light bulbs, Smart Plug, Smart lock and so on.

Today, we will tell you which smart home products can enhance our lives and bring convenience.

A smart home device that can help in life can help us to improve our quality of life. We choose smart home products from this point of view, then pick the mature, reasonable, and widely applicable smart home products. Not those products that look cool but not mature. Here are the recommended smart home products that work well and really help us improve our quality of life.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There are also several choices of robot vacuum cleaner, which can clean the wipes by themselves and are very good to use

Electronic Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

This really who use who love the smart products, for health also effective.

Smart lock

The fingerprint or password can open the door, an intelligent door lock lets us say goodbye to the key.

Smart light bulbs

Today’s focus is on smart light bulbs, so smart lighting improved the quality of our lives?

The history of human development is inseparable from light, from the drilling of wood to fire, to incandescent, fluorescent lamps have been developed to today’s LED lights. No matter what kind of light source has been lighting up our lives. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the light bulb that people seek is no longer just a function of illumination but a higher demand for environmental protection and functionality.

Can smart lights bulbs improve the quality of our lives?

For example, you frequently need to work overtime beat workers, home at night, the right hand carrying the bag you take, the left hand holding the night snack you bought or just got back the package. You do not have an extra hand in the dark to fumble with the switch to turn on the light bulb at home. Then the A19 LED Smart Light Bulb is an excellent solution to this problem.

“Alexa, turn on the living lights.”

All you need to do is give a voice command, and your smart LED light bulb will turn on, completely freeing your hands.

Smart Home with Wifi Bulbs

How does the smart light bulb do through the voice to control it?

First of all, smart light bulbs need to be connected to Alexa or Google Home and other intelligent voice devices. The working principle is to collect the voice through the microphone and then through the built-in voice recognition algorithm to recognize the voice words that have been calculated in advance. Through the MCU to control the corresponding command. Voice as a command word, when the voice light receives the sound, the voice module will automatically convert him into text, implement the relevant instructions, and finally achieve direct control by voice.

This is the command word that must be trained by AI intelligent algorithm, which is the core thing to use voice control smart light bulbs. In addition, consider the voice recognition distance and accuracy, the algorithm optimization of voice acquisition, voice noise reduction recognition, etc… Otherwise, the recognition rate will also be poor! This is the biggest difference, many voice recognition switch or light on the market, but there is still a big difference in the use of …, this is the difference in technology!

Deconstructing the smart light bulb

Smart light bulb, is a new form of light bulb product. The interoperable core module is embedded into the energy-saving light bulb using embedded IoT core technology. Anytime, anywhere interoperability, interaction, and affect the development and evolution of energy-saving light bulb products to LED lighting bulb design as the mainstream, while fully reflecting the energy-saving, health, humane lighting trends, become the dominant lighting culture in the living room.

smart lighting

Energy-Saving Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs use the light source LED, no pollution to the environment. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps have more than 90% energy saving. In other words, at the same brightness, the power consumption of smart light bulbs is one-tenth of incandescent lamps. With the development of the market, smart light bulbs have now replaced 50% of traditional lighting.

Connected Smart lighting

Smart lighting is embedded with smart modules, such as Wi-Fi & Bluetooth modules, which can quickly access the Internet and connect to smartphones via the home cloud platform. Users only need to know the working status of smart lighting at home, such as color, brightness, power consumption, and other comprehensive indicators via their smartphones. According to their personal preferences, users use the APP to achieve remote control and a series of operations.

Humanized Smart lighting

With the continuous progress of society, people have a new requirement for green, environmental protection, and energy-saving. The emergence of smart light bulbs allows humans to interact more with light and subvert the era of one-way human control of the lighting. Smart LED bulb through the built-in sensors, the use of cloud platform, the user’s daily color preferences, electricity habits data analysis, and the appropriate use of light bulb strategy pushed to the user. Smart LED bulbs can also express their praise to the owner’s color and electricity habits through text messages, emails, and lights, realizing the interaction between smart bulbs and humans.

Technology is limited, and the dream is unlimited. In the future will appear more smart home products that can improve the quality of our lives. If you have any questions about smart lighting, please contact us. Our technical team will provide you with professional advice and solutions.

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