How to choose the best LED strip lights

What LED strip lights are the best?

LED Strip lights are a kind of widely used decorative lights, also liked by many customers.

Many customers in the procurement of light strips, the quality of light strips know very little, in order to let you have a complete understanding of LED strip lights, As a professional light strips manufacturer, We are happy to share how to identify the good and bad LED light strips.

The light strip is divided into flexible LED strip light, and rigid light strip, different types of light strip, in quality, length, brightness, installation environment are not the same. It is recommended to choose a professional manufacturer for consultation and procurement.

Chip quality of LED beads

If you use poor quality LED chips, the brightness of the strip light is shallow, light decays fast. After using for some time, the light beads will not light up. Using genuine chips, the strip’s brightness is high, stable performance, long lifespan, etc..

In addition to the brightness, LED chips also determine the color temperature of the strip. Using inferior LED chips, the color temperature difference will be pronounced in the same batch of light strips.

The brightness of LED strip light is uniform

The brightness between each light beads is uniform which indicates good quality of the LED tape lights; the use of poor quality solder paste, or false soldering, will lead to uneven distribution of lamp beads brightness or even not bright.

12V LED strip light operated by adaptor

12V LED strip lights needs to be driven by the power supply; when the driving power supply is connected to the strip lights, the brightness of the first and last inconsistent, or brightness difference is obvious, indicating that the strip with voltage reduction problems.


Proper LED strip packaging uses an anti-static package, 5 meters or 10 meters a roll, and then packed into anti-static, moisture-proof bags sealed.


Formal Flexible LED strip bags will have printed labels.


Formal LED strip in the box will be attached to the instructions for use and strip specifications, but also with LED strip lights connectors or snaps.

Solder joints

Flexibility light strip manufacturers produce LED strips using the surface mounted technology. The SMT mounter process produces LED strips, fully automated operation, stable quality.

Advantages of Surface Mounted Technology production

  • High assembly density, small size and lightweight of electronic products.
  • High reliability, high vibration resistance.
  • Low defect rate of solder joints.
  • Good high-frequency characteristics reduced electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
  • Easy to automate and improve production efficiency.
  • Reduce cost up to 30%~50%. Save material, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)

FPC has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bendability. Using good quality FPC, the strip can be bent at will without the phenomenon of pad off. And FPC material is soft, can be arbitrary bending, folding, winding, and moved in three-dimensional space and stretch without breaking. Suitable for use in irregular places and small spaces.

Solder paste

The light strip uses solder paste to connect the lamp beads with the circuit board, so the quality of the solder paste is also essential

As shown above, the solder joints are round and shiny, and the pads are solid. Using poor quality solder paste, the solder joint is rough and fragile, and the strip will be easily cracked after bending, causing damage to the strip.

LED strip light color rendering index

Color rendering index greater than 80 is a must for every strip.


There are many things to pay attention to when selecting a light strip; please choose a professional manufacturer when purchasing. Our company is a professional manufacturer of LED light strips, if you have any inquiries, please get in touch with us, our technical team will provide you with professional advice.

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