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When science fiction movies come to life

When I was first introduced to science fiction movies, I imagined that my future home could be controlled at will.
Nowadays, smart light bulbs and smart LED controllers can be controlled by smartphones or voices at will.

Science fiction movies give people an infinite reverie, and the sky is impressed by the plot. Such as mind control work, no need to rely on hand typing, lying in bed with only the idea to complete the manuscript; or get into the car, with the idea to control the car to reach the destination, for today’s increasingly lazy human, that would be how good ah!

When people’s vision of the future shines into reality, when science fiction becomes part of human civilization, what kind of sparks will collide with the real world?
So which movie is your idea of a science fiction movie becoming real life! Let me introduce it first.

The Fifth Element

The film “The Fifth Element” is a 1997 Columbia Pictures science fiction film set in the future New York in the year 2259. The alien forces of goodness foresee this day and keep an eye on the development, but the “fifth element” they sent to Earth to save humanity and the universe was shot down by the evil forces. Humans recovered the “fifth element” and sent former agent Coburn, a New York cab driver, to help and eventually destroy the evil forces to save humanity.

The air cab in the movie bridge

Bruce Willis played the male lead as an air cab driver; the film tells the story of his collection of the five elements finally saved the Earth. The Lying Taxi developed by the European Airbus Group will be named “City Airbus”, passengers can use smartphones to book a taxi.

In 2015, the Drip platform was launched, an app that instantly knows how many cars are near you. The system uses a supercomputer to calculate and send orders to the nearest car to get users into cabs fast as possible.

3D printing technology

In the movie, a complete human body is printed based on existing DNA. How groundbreaking it is!

3D Printing

Nowadays, 3D printing technology is also becoming more and more mature. It is a technology that uses digital model files to construct objects by printing layer by layer using bondable materials such as powdered metal or plastic. It is widely used in different industries such as industry and construction and revolutionized the application of medical and space fields.

Sweeping robots

The drive for technological advancement has freed people from household chores. Sweeping robots have become standard in modern homes.

Iron Man

The omnipotent Jarvis voice butler from the Iron Man movie series helps Tony manage his super-tech mansion. Tony only needs to voice commands, “Jarvis” can complete the operation from opening the door and turning off the lights to booking hotels and shopping, and can even help Tony solve scientific problems.

Iron Man

“Jarvis put on some music.”
“Jarvis, the air in the house is terrible.”

Jarvis in “Iron Man” is a super housekeeper who can do anything.

The artificial intelligence butler in “Iron Man” is not far from us.

“Alexa, Turn on the Light”
“Alexa, change the light to blue.”

When you get home, you can always give Alexa a voice command to turn on the smart light bulbs or smart products in your home.

Even the most powerful “smart butler” needs to be matched with a smart product to function.
Why is it possible to control a light bulb like Iron Man through a voice assistant?
Smart bulbs have what elements of high technology in them?

Both smart LED bulbs and smart LED strip controllers have built-in Bluetooth modules or WIFI modules. Smart WiFi LED bulbs are connected to the voice assistant through WIFI or Bluetooth signals. When you send a voice command, the voice assistant will send your voice command to the cloud system. The cloud system receives the command and then forwarded it to the module inside the smart bulb, and then according to the command request, turn off the light or change the brightness, color, etc..

Voice control of the lights at home, in ten years ago, you may be felt incredible. With the popularity of smart homes, smart products into thousands of homes, this situation is no longer remote control is less than or a movie bridge will appear.

Biometrics in “Mission: Impossible 4

The biometric technology used by Agent Hanaway at the beginning of the film is now available in Apple Pay. When users pay with their phones, they can use digital passwords and face recognition technology to pay with their faces, which is already changing our payment behavior in reality.

The beautiful robot in the movie ” Ex Machina”

Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ most advanced humanoid robot. Sophia is a passionate advocate for the role of robotics and AI technology in our lives and often appears as a speaker at important industry-wide conferences.


The Fast and the Furious 8

In it, hacked zombie cars converge in a rampaging convoy of zombies from all directions; these unmanned.
Hackers remotely control these unmanned vehicles. The image of countless unmanned cars pouring into the streets is very shocking; the crazy actions of a car before becoming a pile of scrap metal under human remote control are shocking.

In real life, we can remotely control the car backing into the garage and remotely control the lights at home or in the mall; as long as the installation of smart bulbs, you can use a smartphone to control up to 64 smart bulbs at the same time. In addition, you can leave work on the road in advance of the home lights up.

The VR game in ” Ready Player One”

Directed by Spielberg, ” Ready Player One ” is about the world on the verge of collapse in 2045; after the energy crisis, humans choose to find solace in the VR game called “Oasis.”


Nowadays, VR technology is also gradually applied in life. Such as VR experience hall, bringing people a new enjoyment; affected by the epidemic, various industries have been greatly affected. Some large real estate developers launched VR viewing; through VR technology is like an immersive look at the sample house, understanding the house’s layout, seat direction, etc… If you want to buy a house abroad, you don’t have to fly to a foreign country, and you can get a general idea of the house through VR.

Science fiction movies inside the sky and the sky technology in real life already has a prototype, especially smart home products. With the popularity of 5G, the smart home is getting more and more attention. We have to cater to the times to use technology to understand technology to make technology to meet more of our needs.

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