Why do LED light strips heat up

Why do LED Light Strips Heat Up?

The LED light strips is a very popular decorative light, widely used indoor and outdoor. When using and installing LED light strips, we need to pay attention to many places, and if not correctly installed, it will lead to the heat of the LED light strips. The following is to introduce to you the causes of LED light strips heat.

In order for you to have a basic understanding of LED strip lights, we are attaching the LED strip specification file for download.

LED light strips heating causes

LED flexible strip design problems

The most common specifications of SMD LED flexible strip in the market are 12V and 24V. 12V is a 3-string multi-way parallel structure, 24V is a 6-string multi-way parallel structure.

One of the popular reasons for LED strips is that users can connect the strip lights to use them according to their needs. What is the maximum length of the flexibility light strip that can be connected? The width of the LED strip’s wiring and the copper foil thickness used to determine how long the LED strip can be connected. The current strength per unit area is related to the cross-sectional area of the line. If the length of the LED strip is longer than the current the line can withstand, the tape strip light will heat up and shorten its life of the strip.

3528 light stirp

Production process problems

Flexible LED strip are used in a series-parallel structure; if one group has a short circuit, then the same group of other LED voltage rise, the brightness and heat will also rise.

If there is a short circuit in any one chip circuit of the 5050 LED strip light, it will make the current of that lamp bead rise double, immediately from 20mA to 40mA, the brightness of the lamp bead and heat at the same time, the situation will be serious in a short time, the circuit board burned.

As the short circuit does not affect the normal light of the LED tape light, some factories before leaving the factory, quality inspector only focus on whether the rope light but did not check the brightness of the abnormal, etc… So after the product is sold, you will receive complaints from customers that the product is hot but can’t find the cause.


Wiring design

Loop to make the wiring wide enough, the thickness of copper foil in is 1~1.5 OZ

Production process

. When printing solder paste, do not let the pads between the phenomenon of even tin, so it is easy to short circuit situation.

. Avoid short circuit when SMD.

. Pay attention to the LED after lighting, there is no abnormal bright or abnormal dark phenomenon.

LED strip installation method

As the LED strip is divided into waterproof and not waterproof, so the LED strip installation method is also divided into indoor installation and outdoor installation of two methods. The following two installation methods are introduced

install led strip

Indoor installation

LED strip for indoor use do not need to be exposed to the sun and rain, so the LED strip used for indoor use is usually not a waterproof IP20 LED strip light. The circuit structure of the LED strip is a group of 3 LEDs in series and parallel structure. There will be a logo on every 3 LEDs on the strip, indicating that they can be cut off and used.

Outdoor installation

The outdoor light strip must be waterproof, such as the IP67 flexible LED strip, and the use of slot fixed way.

LED strip controller connection.

If you want to control the LED tape light or voice control tape light through the smartphone APP, you need to connect a smart WiFi LED controller. The connection method is very simple, you just need to connect the tape light, and power supply to the two sides of the WiFi LED controller.

LED strip controller

The use of WIFI LED controller will no longer worry about the use of infrared controllers like distance restrictions. As long as a WIFI signal in the environment can be controlled through the smartphone APP your LED tape lights. Please check below article, it will show you how to connect LED controller.

How to connect LED strip lights to LED Controller

The connection distance of the LED strip

If the distance between the strip light is too long, it is easy to cause the LED strip to heat up, thus affecting the use of LED strip lifespan. Installation of the SMD light strip must be according to the manufacturer’s requirements; never let the light strip connect too long resulting in load operation.

Usually, the longest connection distance of 3528 strip light is 20 meters, and the longest connection distance of 5050 strip light is 15 meters.


The low-voltage light strip is a safe decorative light, highlighting the sense of spatial hierarchy, increasing the artistic conception, and creating a warm living environment for home decoration.

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