WiFi + Bluetooth combination module to create a more intelligent way of work and life

WiFi + Bluetooth combination module to create a more intelligent way of work and life

Wireless communication technology high-speed development of the Internet of Things era, the actual realization of people and things, things and things of information exchange and communication. we only need to install an excellent smart terminal product (smart LED lights, smart led light controller) on the smartphone supporting the App, you can achieve a variety of built-in wireless module of the smart home product comes with the function control through the touch screen.

Smart control, most of them are realized through wireless communication technology. Wireless communication modules that can realize smart control are WiFi module, Bluetooth module and WiFi+Bluetooth combination module, which have a common characteristic, that is, they are all UART serial IoT modules.

Smart socket, smart light bulb, smart light strip… … More and more smart devices and smart products realize the communication and dialogue between people and objects, objects and objects with each other through WiFi module and Bluetooth module. Smart devices and smart products that end users can set up and control remotely through their cell phones enhance people’s life experience in all aspects.

Users read the status data of the devices through cell phones in wireless form and combine their actual needs with wireless networks to send commands to the UART serial IoT modules (WiFi module / Bluetooth module / WiFi+Bluetooth combination module) in the built-in home appliances to complete actions, such as the on and off of smart light bulbs and the switch of smart door locks.

Working Mode

WiFi module

  1. The WiFi module works in STA mode. The smart terminal (smartphone, tablet) and WiFi module work in the wireless network environment provided by the wireless router. The data signal is forwarded by a wireless router, thus realizing wireless control.
  2. The WiFi module works in AP mode. The smart terminal (smartphone, tablet) directly accesses the network provided by the WiFi module, and wireless control is realized in the same hotspot network.
  3. Remote control, the intelligent terminal (smartphone, tablet), and wireless router are in different networks, and WiFi module is responsible for uploading relevant data to the server, at this time, the communication between the intelligent terminal and serial WiFi module electronic devices are forwarded through the server to realize remote control.
wifi module

Bluetooth module

Bluetooth module and intelligent devices to establish communication, the user through the corresponding smartphone APP, connected to Bluetooth, you can send commands to the smart devices through Bluetooth, and then to achieve the implementation of control commands.

WiFi+Bluetooth combination module

The WiFi part of the WiFi+Bluetooth 2-in-1 module is responsible for uploading relevant data to the cloud for remote control or connecting to the home router for home control. The Bluetooth part is responsible for collecting data and transmitting relevant information to WiFi. Users can achieve intelligent control through their smartphones, whether at home or on their way home.

WiFi + Bluetooth module

Classification of smart modules.

WiFi module: built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11b.g.n protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack wireless module belong to the IoT transmission layer.

Bluetooth module: wireless module with built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.15.4 protocol stack, designed for wireless 2.4GHz ISM high-speed rate transmission. Mainly used for short-range data interaction, its low power consumption, cost-effective, low latency and other characteristics, but its disadvantages still can’t be ignored, due to its data transmission rate of 1Mbps/2Mbps, it can’t transmit large data content, so in wearable devices, virtual and augmented reality, smart home and industrial and IoT devices are extremely widely used.

WiFi + Bluetooth combination module: integrated WiFi, Bluetooth are two kinds of communication module products. Users can both through the WiFi part to achieve data transmissions and through the Bluetooth part to achieve data transmission and intelligent control.

Thanks to the advantageous characteristics of low power consumption and low cost, Bluetooth modules are more and more widely used in the field of intelligence, such as Bluetooth light bulbs, Bluetooth LED controllers, etc. At the same time, to optimize the IoT smart home user experience, 2.4G WiFi + Bluetooth two-in-one combination module is the best solution for the current smart home WiFi signal interference.

WiFi+Bluetooth combination module can easily and quickly develop embedded wireless application products, shorten the development cycle, suitable for IoT simple data collection and processing, remote control, and more IoT intelligent products and devices are used. For example, we have developed a WiFi+Bluetooth combination LED controller.

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