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WiFi LED Controller Can Make LED Lights Smart

Currently applied in the LED control of wireless technology solutions, mainly with infrared control, Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi and several other programs. Bluetooth and WIFI signal control are the most widely used in the market and have excellent potential for development. Today, we will focus on the WiFi LED Controller.

WiFi LED Controller is an intelligent control developed in response to market demand. This type of WiFi LED Controller uses WiFi as its communication method, based on HTTP control protocol, through the LED light controller APP to control the lights. WiFi LED Controller has a variety of functions. Solving the traditional lighting controller function is single, the degree of intelligence is not high.

LED lights are widely recognized and accepted by the market because of their unparalleled advantages. But the development and perfection of LED lighting technology still need a long time. For example, how to improve the quality and service life of LED light sources? How to use LED drive more stable and so on, these are the need for scientific and technical personnel to continue working and studying.

LED lights Controllers are the necessary parts dedicated to controlling the use of LED strips lights. Technical staff has constantly been innovating and improving to create a more comfortable and convenient lighting experience for users.

WiFi LED Controller

WiFi wireless LED Controller is a controller that integrates the latest WiFi technology in the market. It makes the control of LEDs more convenient and user-friendly. We can use an Android or iOS smartphone to install the LED light controller APP to control the LEDs. WiFi technology allows us to control a wider range of LEDs, freeing us from the confines of small spaces, from 50 meters inside a building to over 100 meters outside.

RGB LED Controller

Features of WiFi LED Controller

WiFi LED Controller has a built-in WiFi intelligent control module. Controlling the LED strip and the LED light box with smartphone by app. Support AI voice speakers: Amazon Echo, Google Home.

1. The light strip connected to the LED dimmer controller, how far away can be controlled. Whether lying in bed, at work, on a trip, open the LED light controller APP, you can check each strip of lights and control them.

2. Timed light on, create your light atmosphere at will

3. DIY color, 16 million kinds of colors to choose

4. Up to twenty kinds of scene selection, colorful, dynamic changes, to meet the needs of different customers.

5. Voice control by Amazon and Google Home

Alexa LED Contorller

WiFi LED Controller is a light magician.

In life, lighting carries 100% of the atmosphere to create. Different lighting effects have different effects on the mood of people.

For example, when you are working, bright lights can make you feel more energetic;

When playing a movie at home on a leisurely night, dim lighting can make you more into the plot;

In high-end hotels, different lighting atmospheres at different times will make guests more comfortable.

Personalized needs and technological innovation, dimming and color mixing have become a necessary function of lighting, these are thanks to the LED strip WiFi controller.

led controller for stirp lights

LED WiFi Controller through the built-in WiFi module, the use of APP light source dimming/color mixing. Ordinary power only on and off function, while the LED WiFi controller can adjust the brightness of the light, color temperature, color and other needs according to the comfort of the human eye, the environment and the scene. Powerful LED controllers meet the needs of guests in many ways and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

As a WiFi LED controller supplier, manufacturer and service provider of intelligent lighting solutions, we have been focusing on the development and research in intelligent products and strive to control every light precisely! If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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