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LED controller is simple to control your LED strip lights anywhere in range. We manufacture a large selection of light controller, including RGB controller, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Multi zone LED strip lights controller. The combination of Wi-Fi modem technology allows the Wi-Fi controller to be extra intelligent, convenient and innovative than other controllers in regard to controlling strip lights.

Wi-Fi LED Controller

Addressable LED Controller IR Remote Wireless Bluetooth Mini Controller   

Item No: BWCDS-HCQ1-R28A4-2P

Smart LED Pixel Addressable and programable light stip controller Support WS2812B WS2811 SK6812 SK6812RGBW UCS1903 SM16703 SM16704 INK1003 UCS2904B. Learn more

Mini LED Controller for RGB / RGBW Led Strip with 24key IR Remote Controller


Mini smart RGB RGBW Wifi music LED controller 24Key IR remote control for LED strip lights with IOS Android APP, working with Alexa / Google Home / IFTTT. Learn more

LED Controller with 21Key RF Remote Controller


Wireless Wifi LED controller IR remote for LED strip RGB / RGBW /RGBWW, Alexa Google Home IFTTT compatible, working with Android, iOS system, DC 12V 24V. Learn more

WiFi LED Controller


LED controller, RGB led light strip voice control from Alexa & Google home, Wifi wireless smart controller with free App via IOS or Android smartphone. Learn more

Pixel LED Controller

Item No: ZJ-MW-HC01 / HC02

Mini Wifi pixel light SPI LED controller for WS2812B dream color strip lights, addressable / Pixel LED mini controller via Wifi. Learn more

DC12V 24V LED Controller


2020 Best LED light controller RGBWW strip 16 million colors music and timer mode Wifi control by IOS/Android
smartphone, suitable for DC 12V-24V RGBWW LED light, smartphone control, sync control by group, remote control by internet. Learn more


Item No: ZJ-W-RGB

WiFi RGB LED Controller DC 12V 24V for 5050 2835 RGB LED Strip iOS Android Phone APP / Alexa Google Voice Control.
Learn more

Bluetooth LED Controller

RGB Bluetooth LED Controller


RGB Bluetooth LED controller for LED strip lights, Christmas Lights or other constant voltage lights Learn more

Bluetooth LED Controller


For LED Light strips, android and iOS free App bluetooth LED strip light controller. Learn more

Bluetooth Mesh Smart Bridge

Item No: ZJ-MHSB-A / (EU)

BT mesh Wifi smart bridge home switch DIY timer smart home automation universal switch intelligent. Learn more

Bluetooth UFO LED Controller


DC12-24V RGBW UFO bluetooth 16 million colors IOS android LED controller timing function group control music mode.
Learn more

Smart Bluetooth Switch

Item No: ZJ-BM-AD01

AC100-240V BT mesh switch witch Electric Appliance switch home remote control switch On/Off household devices.
Learn more

BT Mesh Smart Remote Controller-24K

Item No: ZJ-BMRC-24K

BT Mesh 24 keys smart remote controller is a newly developed remote controller. We adopt the 2.4GHz high RF control with long distance controlling, low power consumption and high speed transmitting rate. Learn more

BT Mesh Smart Remote Controller-28K

Item No: ZJ-BMRC-28K

BT Mesh 28 keys smart remote controller is a newly developed remote controller. We adopt the 2.4GHz high RF control with long distance controlling, low power consumption and high speed transmitting rate. Learn more

What is an addressable LED Controller?

An addressable LED controller is a device used to control and manage the operation of addressable LED lights. An addressable LED light is a lighting system that uses a microcontroller or microprocessor to control the intensity and color of individual LEDs rather than controlling entire cells or strips as individual units. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in lighting design, as each LED can be independently programmed to display a specific color or brightness.

Addressable LED controllers are typically connected to the LEDs via a communication protocol (such as WS2811 or WS2812) that allows the controller to send commands to individual LEDs to control their behavior. The controller can be programmed to display various lighting patterns and effects, including static colors, color change effects, and dynamic animations.

Addressable LED controllers are commonly used in applications such as lighting fixtures, stage lighting, and interactive displays where the ability to control individual LEDs can add visual interest and impact the overall lighting design. They are also used in various other applications, such as automotive lighting and signage, where the ability to control the color and intensity of individual LEDs can be used to create custom lighting effects.

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