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WiFi Controller is an innovative way to use your smart lighting system. RGB controllers are generally a Wi-Fi device that goes in between power source and LED lights. The light controller connects to the WiFi network and controlled by App, Alexa, and Google Home. 5-28V LED lighting controllers are available.


Domination Principle:  Wi-Fi

APP:  Magic Home Pro

Operation Platform:   Android 4.0 or IOS 9.0 or higher

Channels:  RGB / RGBW / RGBWW

Control Distance: Visible distance 30M

  • WiFi Controller can adjust the strip lights brightness, color temperature.
  • LED strip lights controller can control all strip lights at the same time by creating groups.
  • RGB LED light controllers can be Wi-Fi controlled by App.
  • The brightness of each R, G, B can be adjustable to achieve 16 million colors.

Domination Principle: Wi-Fi
APP: Magic Home Pro
Language: Chinese、English、Japanese
Operation Platform: Android 4.0 or IOS 9.0 or higher
LED Drive Type: Constant voltage:MOSFET
Channels: RGB / RGBW / RGBWW
Input Voltage: DC(5-28)V
Max Output Power: 100W
Work For: LED Strip or other constant voltage lights
Connect Method: Common Anode
Working Temperature: -20-55℃
Control Distance: Visible distance 30M
Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC
Warranty: 1 Year
Net Weight: 36.5g
Dimension(L*B*H): 53MM*24MM*11MM
Carton Size(L*B*H): 50CM*25CM*21CM
QTY Per Carton: 100Sets/CTN
Gross Weight: 4.5kg

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