RGBW Controller

RGB controllers and remotes overview

The RGB Controllers and remotes guide will help you choose the best RGB controller for your project.

The meaning of RGB

The RGB color design means in English the colors Red-Green-Blue or red, environment-friendly, and also blue, in which the 3 primaries are added together in different methods in order to duplicate various colors to pick from on your remote. RGB can differ in strength as well as can be combined to accomplish various colors in the color range. You might likewise see the name Multi-Color styles to signify RGB.

Types of Controllers as well as Remote Controls

In addition to the linked controller which does not have a remote control, there are 2 kinds of the communication protocol between the controller as well as the RGB remote control.
1. IR( Infrared): This is the most economical interaction protocol that exists in between the controller and also the remote. It has a short variety (around 5m) as well as the remote should be sharp in-line and also in the direction of the sensor of the controller.

2. RF (Radio Frequency) is an easier and innovative communication procedure. It has a range of approximately 30m and also enables the customer to hide the controller as the remote does not need to be aligned with it.

Controller capacity

An additional aspect in your selection that must not be ignored is the capability of your controller. Lower-priced controllers will certainly have a 6 amp constraint, which will certainly restrict the variety of LED strips you can link into your controller. For instance, you will certainly not have the ability to connect 20m of LED strips to a controller that can just sustain 6A.

Below’s a fast rundown of what you can complete, depending on your amperage and also voltage. It is necessary that your transformer (power supply) matches the power needs of your project:

12 Volts
6A: up to 10 meters of RGB 150 tape or up to 5m of 12A RGB 300 tape
and more: as much as 20m of RGB 150 tape or approximately 10m of RGB 300 tape. You can not accomplish longer sizes on the 12V, even if your controller has even more ability. If your job needs greater than 20m of tapes, use a Multi Area system.

24 Volts
6A: as much as 20 meters of RGB 150 tape or up to 10m of RGB 300 tape
12A and much more: up to 20m of RGB 150 tape or approximately 20m of RGB 300 tape. You can not reach longer lengths on 24V, even if your controller has even more ability. If your task requires more than 20m of tapes, make use of a Multi Area system.

While many controller, as well as remote collections, will offer you straight accessibility to your colors (direct collection), you will also discover sequential sets where you will certainly require to alternate in between colors to arrive at the wanted color.

All controllers regardless of its price or communication protocol will offer you a function to dim the light and various automated modes of color change. We encourage you to visit the product page of the controller you are interested in for more information.

Here is a quick reference guide that characterizes the main functions of RGB controllers on www.onesmartlighting.com

Do you know how many kinds of the led controller?

1. WIFI led Controller
2. Bluetooth-led controller
3. DMX512 system led controller
4. RF system-led controller
5. 0-10V led controller
6. DALI controller
7. 2.4G led controller
8. Project used a controller

Wifi LED Controller

LED driver, which enables us to completely dim the lighting of our LED strip lights. It is one of the most used drivers because it allows firmware change and we can integrate it in any system. Without modification, your application is already compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and we can integrate it in Home Assistant and tasmoter it.

Here is the video show you how to connect WIFI LED Controller to LED strip lights

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