LED Light Controller DC5-28V

RGB LED controller

An RGB LED controller is required to operate RGB LED strips. RGB LED controllers are connected between the LED power supply unit and the RBG LED strip and take over the color management for this strip. The individual channels, red, green, and blue are controlled separately via PWM signal. Almost any color can be set by adjusting the brightness of the three channels to one another. This enables CI-compliant (e.g. for advertising lighting) RGB LED lighting to be implemented. RGB LED strips can also be used for mood lighting or for lighting applications with different requirements for the luminous color.

LED Light Controller DC5-28V

Selection of RGB LED controllers

With us you will find a large selection of RGB LED controllers. For example, wired RGB controllers that are inserted in between and controlled directly on the controller. Furthermore, we also have RGB LED controllers in our range that can be conveniently controlled remotely, via remote control, wall control or smartphone.

For the operation of these systems you always need a receiver that is placed in front of the RGB LED strips and a control unit to which you give commands to control the lighting. These control units offer various functions such as zone control, color fine adjustment, dynamic color gradient programs (adjustable in speed and type of color gradient), programmable color gradients, time-controlled light scenarios and scene memories to call up previously configured settings.

 Extension of your RGB LED lighting

 Many of our RGB LED controller systems, e.g. the 4Z radio or K4 radio series, allow you to add a controller or control unit to your RGB LED lighting at a later date. If you want to supplement your RGB LED lighting, you can also program new RGB LED controllers on the existing RGB LED control unit (remote control, wall control). The receivers can also be supplemented with additional control units in order to control your RGB LED lighting from several positions.

We also have RGB controllers that you can integrate into your Phillips Hue lighting control and then control with your HUE app or even via voice control (Amazon Alexa Echo). These RGB LED controllers work with the ZIGBEE protocol and are controlled via WiFi signal. 

RGB LED lighting and white light

With all channels at full load, RGB LED strips produce an almost white light, whereby the quality of the light does not come close to that of single-color LED strips. If you attach great

importance to high-quality white lighting, take a look at RGBW LED strips and RGBW LED controllers. These offer the same range of functions as RGB LED lighting, but can also emit white with a high quality. It would also be conceivable to operate an RGB LED strip with a monochrome white LED strip on an RGBW LED controller. 

Note about our RGB LED controllers

RGB LED controllers are designed for RGB LED strips with a common anode (common positive pole). The negative poles of the respective channels are switched. CCT, RGB, RGBW and RGBCCT LED strips in our range always have a common anode (common positive pole).

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